We Refuse to Recognize 'National Cheap Flight Day'
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We Refuse to Recognize ‘National Cheap Flight Day’

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Friday, Aug. 23 is “National Cheap Flight Day.” And we just won’t stand for this.

Depending on who you talk to, this period as summer blends into fall is when airlines are more likely to sell cheap airfare. Just like “flights are cheapest on Tuesdays,” you can add it to the pile of misleading advice and myths that somehow take hold in travel.

Here’s the cold, hard truth: You can find cheap flights every day of the year. If you follow us or subscribe to our international flight deal service, you know that we do. The best deals and hottest mistake fares can spring up any day of the year.

In (dis)honor of this national holiday – who makes these up, anyway? – these are our best tips for getting a cheap flight no matter when you’re looking.


Use Google Flights to Start Your Search

Allow us to introduce you to our good friend: Google Flights. Ditch Expedia and Kayak and come to the light: Google Flights is an airfare price aggregator, rather than an online travel agency like the other flight search engines. If you’re new to using Google Flights, check out our resources:

It’s one of our favorite tools we use to find cheap flights. While you can sometimes drop your airfare even farther by using other sites like Skyscanner or Momondo, Google Flights should always be your starting point to find a cheap fare.

On this so-called National Cheap Flight Day, it’s only right you make the switch!


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Pick the Cheapest Time to Travel (on Days Other Than August 23)

Looking to save big bucks on airfare? These are our best tips for rethinking when you travel.

  1. Fly on off-peak days: Although flight prices are unpredictable, the cheapest flights typically depart and return on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. Make a long weekend trip from Wednesday to Saturday, or fly in and out on Saturdays instead of Sundays. These small changes can save you a ton.
  2. The Death of Last-Minute Fares: It’s time to put this myth to rest: the age of last-minute deals are largely gone. Now, last-minute travelers are often business travelers and companies that are willing to foot a big bill for it. Avoid booking within 30-45 days before your flight. Plan ahead and don’t bank on getting a last-second fare. You don’t want to get stuck paying 3 times the price for waiting.
  3. Introducing: The Shoulder Season. Peak summer, from June to August, is a pricey time to travel. There are few sales, and prices are often more than double the norm. Not to mention, your destination could be packed with tourists. Instead, try traveling during the shoulder season. The best dates are May – early June and late August through September.
  4. Read the rest of our travel timing tips to save on airfare!


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Bottom Line

We aren’t celebrating National Cheap Flights Day because we know that cheap flights can be yours any day of the week.

With the right tools and tips, cheap travel is a real possibility. Use these tips above to score unbelievable flights on this supposed national holiday … or any day of the year.


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