US Airlines To Sell Tickets to Cuba in 3-6 Months!

The United States and Cuban governments reached an agreement yesterday to begin operating non-chartered flights between the US and Cuba. Depending on FAA approval US Airlines should sell tickets to Cuba in 3-6 months. Multiple US airlines have already stated they plan to open up flights once the FAA approval process is complete. United plans to fly to Havana via Houston and Newark. American Airlines says it will provide service to Havana from its Miami hub. I wouldn’t be surprised if Delta offers flights from Atlanta, but there is nothing confirmed yet.

I’m excited for the US airlines to sell tickets to Cuba. When I visited Cuba earlier this year, I had to fly to Cancun and then take Cubana (Cuba’s state owned airline) to Havana. Flying direct on a normal flight would make the whole process easier, especially if you are booking with points and miles. You can’t book anything yet, but I would expect more news as the various airlines sign contracts with Cuba.

It’s important to note that Americans still can’t visit Cuba legally without falling under one of the 12 categories of allowed travel. I traveled under the “journalism” justification and had no issues, even when questioned at US Customs in Minneapolis. I have not heard of a single report of someone being detained for not falling under the 12 categories. It seems US Customs is not enforcing the travel restrictions since relations have now improved with the Cuban government. As long as you somehow justify your trip you should be good to go.


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View from my incredible ride in a vintage Chevy!


Bottom Line

You can still travel to Cuba right now, but the process of getting there is a little more difficult. It will be interesting to see what impact the influx of new travelers will have on the Cuban economy. When I was there in April, the infrastructure in Cuba sill needed a lot of work. Just finding WiFi was a challenge! Phone service was not even an option.

Mrs. TT has yet to visit Cuba, and I know it’s on her short list of places to visit in 2016, so I may be going back sooner than I expected. Keep an eye on Thrifty Traveler as we’ll have the most up to date info on how to get to Cuba on points and miles!


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