Unlimited In-Flight Wi-Fi for $10 per Month

In-flight Wifi is a usually a ripoff but US Mobile’s new offer is worth a look! Back at the beginning of August, US Mobile launched a new unlimited Wi-Fi plan that’s a game changer. For just $10/month, users will have access to over 30 million hotspots in 120 countries, including in-flight Wi-Fi! Mr. TT and I have both tested the new service and we highly recommend it.


What Does the Plan Cover?

The new unlimited Wi-Fi plan offered from US mobile is similar to Boingo’s unlimited Wi-Fi plan that many people get free with their American Express card membership. However, the US mobile plan has access to 30 times as many hotspots around the globe (30 million to the 1 million Boingo offers)! The best part, and what makes US mobile’s plan an incredible deal is that it also includes in-flight Wi-Fi on all Gogo and Panasonic equipped aircraft! The service works not only on domestic flights but a vast number of international flights as well! In fact, within North America, the US Mobile Wi-Fi plan will work on all Gogo-enabled aircraft.


Unlimited In-Flight Wi-Fi

Airlines offering Gogo in-flight internet service which can be accessed from US Mobile’s new unlimited Wi-Fi plan.


Our Experience

A few weeks ago, I was traveling to Toronto on business when Mr. TT first informed me of this new service. Being curious, and thinking that the service sounded too good to be true, I decided to give it a try on my return flight to Minneapolis.

The night before my return flight, I visited US mobile’s site to get registered.  The process was fairly straightforward and I was able to get up and running in about 5 minutes. One nuance that I think they need to address is the fact that there is no option to add multiple devices to your plan. This means that if you want connectivity on multiple devices (say your computer and your phone), you need to have two separate plans offered at $10/month. Being that I wanted to try the service out on both my laptop and mobile phone, I opted to set up 2 separate plans.


Unlimited In-Flight Wi-Fi

My US Mobile Wi-Fi plan dashboard showing both of my plans (mobile and laptop)


It is important to note that there are a few additional steps required to get the service set up on a mobile device. However, per The Points Guy, there is a slick workaround to make this pretty seamless. I will outline these steps below.

  • You will first need to download the iPass app to your mobile device. Because this service used to be targeted toward corporate clients, users are asked to enter their company email when launching the app for the first time.
  • Next, you will need to log into the US Mobile website using the log in button in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Once on your dashboard, you will need to click on “Check the Line” under WiFi plan 1 to access a page with more info on your plan.
  • Follow the link and click on “Renew Wifi Plan.”


Unlimited In-Flight Wi-Fi


  • On your mobile device, this should bring up the app on the phone and bypass the company email requirement.


Unlimited In-Flight Wi-Fi

  • Once I got my device all set up, I was ready to test it out on my trip home. Very shortly after take off, I got the following push notification.


Unlimited In-Flight Wi-Fi


  • As soon as I heard the beep that indicated we had reached 10,000 feet, my phone automatically connected to the Gogo network and I was in business. Unfortunately being that the service is just tapping off of the Gogo network, I didn’t notice any faster speeds.


Unlimited In-Flight Wi-Fi


Bottom Line

If you are a road warrior who needs connectivity on the go, this new service represents an incredible value. One thing to note is that the monthly plans do not automatically renew, so you will need to go and reactivate your service each month. This is great for travelers who may just want to purchase WiFi service for 1 trip, as the pricing will still be better than that offered by Gogo. Mr. TT and I have tested the new service on domestic as well as international flights and it works great. This is one of our favorite new services so far this year, and it’s already saved each of us hundreds of dollars!


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  1. Andrew says:

    Why is there a usage meter if it’s unlimited?

  2. Elliott says:

    Any idea if this allows you to use the ‘high speed’ 2KU WiFi that Delta is rolling out? That’d be amazing.

  3. Elliott Bowles says:

    Writing this from a Delta flight right now! The service works great!

  4. Jackie says:

    does it work for lufthansa?

  5. Anelle says:

    Shows sold out now 🙁

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