Uber now allows in-app Tipping (Houston / Minneapolis / Seattle)

Lots of changes happening over at Uber! Yesterday afternoon, Uber announced in-app tipping would begin in select cities. Then late last night Uber’s CEO and Founder announced he was resigning. For better or worse, you can now tip your Uber drivers in select cities. Uber is piloting the new in-app tipping in Houston, Minneapolis, and Seattle. The new service will roll out to the rest of the US at the end of July. Thankfully the tips go directly to drivers, and Uber takes no fees on the tip.


Statement from Uber:

Starting on June 20, 2017, in-app tipping is available in Seattle, Minneapolis, and Houston. We’re launching with 3 cities, so we can get the experience right before rolling out to every U.S. city by the end of July 2017.


How it works
  • Tipping is up to you: It’s completely optional
  • Easy and convenient: To ensure a smooth, uninterrupted ride, you can tip drivers after your trip at a time when it’s convenient for you (up to 30 days)
  • Zero service fees: Uber does not charge fees on tips (tips goes 100% to the driver)
  • Privacy: Tipping is associated with your trip, not your name



Bottom Line 

This option finally puts Uber in line with Lyft. This will be a great option for those of us who would like to tip, but rarely carry cash. You can tip up to 30 days after your ride so not tipping shouldn’t influence your rating.

It’s important to remember that Uber is cheap and Uber drivers don’t make a lot money. Tips go a long way in ensuring the service sticks around and we don’t have to resort to expensive taxis in the future. If you’re new to Uber, get $20 off your first ride.


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