Travel to Brazil Visa Free This Summer!

According to Reuters, citizens of the United States, Japan, Australia, and Canada can travel to Brazil visa-free for this year’s summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

The visa waiver will apply for tourist visits between June 1 and Sept. 18, with visitors allowed to stay for up to 90 days.

The Rio Olympics begin August 5th and the news should help improve attendance at the Olympics. Currently, there is quite a process to obtain a Brazilian Visa, and it can take up to two months to complete the process. With the crush of applications for the Olympics, I am sure this will come as a relief to everyone.

As we posted earlier today, Brazil’s economy is in a deep recession and has devalued 44% in the past two years against the US Dollar. This means your dollar will go a lot farther in Brazil. One of the other great things about travel to South America is there is little to no time change so jet lag is not a problem!


brazil visa free

Real has devalued 44% against the US Dollar since 2014.


Bottom Line

We’ve had frequent flight deals to Brazil in the last couple months, but there has been little interest due to the lengthy visa process. The new visa waiver should increase traffic to Brazil and hopefully aid in improving their economy. I know if I had more free time this summer I’d definitely be traveling to Brazil visa-free this summer!


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