Thrifty Traveler Premium Available Now!

After months in development, we’re excited to announce Thrifty Traveler Premium is now available! We received a flood of requests for departure location specific emails, and we’ve answered the call. We realize timing is everything for the hottest flight deals, and sifting through all our posts can be a pain. This service provides instant emails for deals when we find them, which will significantly improve your chances of booking the deal. Expect our first Premium deals to start rolling out this afternoon!

The Thrifty Traveler Premium emails are exclusive to the new service and will not appear on The only way to access the deals is to join up!


We’re offering the new service for only $25 per year. Once you’re locked in at a price, it will never change. Our deals save our subscribers an average of $250 or more off of normal priced fares. Even if you only book a deal a year, you will come out way ahead!


For $25 per year you’ll receive the following:

  • International flight deals from your designated departure region
  • Instant mistake fare notification
  • Book via direct links with the airline
  • More flights offered from more cities (not just major US cities)
  • Expect 30-40 flight deals per month
  • Free travel credit card consulting
  • 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee


Check out Thrifty Traveler Premium 


  • jcarmstrong23

    love the layout of the new site

    • Thanks JC! Took quite awhile to polish up. Hope you get to try out the new premium service.

  • Matt Wiersum

    Does this imply that you’ll be reducing the amount of offers posted on your main site?

    • Great question Matt. We’ll still post 6-8 deals per day but the premium newsletter will offer flights from more cities and subscribers will find out about deals before they are posted here.

  • FreFre Valdez

    I signed up this morning! Can’t wait to see what new deals I might be able to snag this year!

    • Awesome! Hope you enjoyed the first email. Another is on they way.

  • Alan

    How many regions are there? If my primary airport is BWI will I be lumped into a northeast category (prob resulting in mostly NYC deals that are not useful to me)?

    • There are five total regions and yes BWI is included in the Northeast region. We already emailed two premium deals today (Paris & Johannesburg) and both had deals out of Washington DC (IAD/DCA/BWI). You’re in a hot spot for deals so don’t discount it! I’d definitely give premium a try. Cheers!

  • Ashley Dhuyvetter

    I live in North Dakota.. flying out of here is never easy or cheap and most deals are only ever out of major cities. Is there a benefit for someone not located to a major airport?

    • Nicole Berg

      Hey Ashley! Their emails send from your region! 🙂 So if they find a deal in ND they will send it, but there a lot of deals come out of Minneapolis so it may be worth the drive to MN for a cheap flight out of MSP. I have premium and have already gotten three deals emailed to me in the last two days!

    • Great question! We’ve actually featured several fare sales from Bismarck, Grand Forks, Fargo, and Minot, over the last year. You will be the first to know about those nationwide deals on the premium newsletter.

  • Bob

    This may have already been answered by the North Dakota question but I live in Eastern Iowa and Chicago is not too bad, but it is at least three hours away. Will you be covering Cedar Rapids, Moline, and Des Moines deals when they appear?

    • Absolutely. Expect fare sales from those airports 2-3 times per year during nationwide sales. Other than that you’ll have to stick to Chicago. Incredible sales out of ORD almost daily.

  • K

    Any deals going out from FAT (Fresno Airport)? LA and SF are the nearest big airport but still about 3 hrs away.

  • Rachel

    Can you cancel the Premium membership at anytime? I don’t travel that often, but this year definitely will!

  • Stacy Vang

    is the membership a subscription where money is taken out every year? or do you pay every year manually?

  • Pang Thao-Yang

    Any deals from kansas city?

  • looking for international deals from detroit. it says it only shares regional deals though…

    • We feature international flight deals from detroit at least once a week. I will edit that bullet point above (as it’s confusing). Give it a try, I think you’ll love Premium!

  • Bobby smith

    might be intereted. what’s the traffic for Minneapolis, MN or I can make it to Chicago, IL easily. I am trying to go to Japan Okinawa (but I’m guessing I’ll have to settle for Tokyo most of the time). Thanks!

  • Novita Ikasari

    I rarely see deals to Europe from Atlanta, will Atlanta make it to the list?

    • We cover ATL at least 2-3 times per week. We feature sooooo many more cities on TT Premium! Give it a shot, I think you’ll love it!

  • julie

    I don’t see many deal leaving from Minneapolis Minnesota will there be more if you sign up?