Do you love Thrifty Traveler? (big announcement + testimonials needed)

Over the last couple months, we’ve been working on an exciting new product here at Thrifty Traveler. We realize timing is everything for the hottest deals, and sifting through 8-12 flight deals per day can be a pain. We’ve received a flood of requests for region specific emails, which would provide flight deals via email specifically tailored to your location. This product would provide instant emails for deals when we find them, which should significantly improve your chances of booking the deal. We’re still fine tuning the final product, but in the next month we’re expecting to launch Thrifty Traveler Premium.


For $25 per year you’ll receive the following:
  • International flight deals for your designated region
  • Direct link via email to book with the airline
  • 20-25 flight deals per month, which would be emailed immediately when we find them
  • Instant mistake fare notification
  • 2X more flight deals than we post here at ThriftyTraveler.com
  • Free travel credit card consulting

We want your input! What would you like to see in the new product? Email me your ideas at [email protected]


We need your testimonials (EXPIRED Offer)

We want to feature Thrifty Traveler fans in the form of testimonials on the new site. We’re looking for 20 readers to submit how they’ve saved money on a trip found here. If your testimonial is selected, you’ll receive your first year of the new Thrifty Traveler premium service for free.


To submit, simply do the following:
  • Send us a direct message through our Facebook page of 70 words or less describing a trip you’ve booked through Thrifty Traveler and why you love the site.
  • We’ll notify the selections on Friday morning.


We really appreciate your love and support. This site wouldn’t exist without the incredible readers who spread the word to friends and family about our site. It’s important for us to have your input as we continue to grow and evolve. Don’t be afraid to reach out!


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  1. jcarmstrong23 says:

    awesome news guys

  2. Jenna says:

    this sounds awesome! great idea!

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