The Return of the 50k point Southwest Cards!!

Update: This offer is no longer available. It does return multiple times per year so check the Beginner’s Guide for the most update to date offers!

Reader Phillip messaged me today letting me know he noticed a new offer on the Southwest Airlines website.  The good news is that all three Southwest credit cards are now back up to 50k points each! As far as I can tell I’m the first points and miles blogger to report this. Before today only one of the Southwest cards offered 50k. Good eagle eyes Phillip!

The new card offer is for 50k points after you spend $2k in the first 3 months. Each 50k offer is good for 2-3 roundtrip flights anywhere in the United States, Mexico, or Caribbean. All three cards require the annual fee upfront, which is the only drawback to the card.


All three Southwest Card offers

All three Southwest Card offers


Whenever I’m not working and traveling domestically, I almost always fly Southwest.  They have a great online booking system which allows you to cancel and rebook all point redemption flights for free, which is unheard of in the industry. In addition, Southwest has the best customer service of any airline.  Fly Southwest and you’ll see why.  Most of the employees are actually happy with their jobs and they have a very easy going corporate culture, which encourages their employees to be lighthearted and actually have fun on flights. Whether it’s a hilarious safety presentation or an impressive rap session, it definitely makes for a much improved flight experience.

I put an extremely high value on Southwest points for one reason; the Southwest Companion Pass! The companion pass allows you to bring along your spouse, your best friend, or maybe your mother. Whomever you choose, your companion can fly with you FOR FREE when you have Companion Pass status.  It does not matter if you are redeeming points or paying for the flight, your companion is always FREE!  It is the best deal in the points game!

Thrifty Tip #1:  Southwest allows you to cancel point redemption flights at no cost.  The points are deposited back into your account to book in the future.

Thrifty Tip #2: Leverage the value of Southwest points by obtaining the companion pass.  It is the best deal out there if you fly domestically with another a person!


Companion Pass

Requirements to earn the companion pass


So how do you get the companion pass? The easiest way to obtain the companion pass is by earning 110k qualifying miles in a calendar year.  This is easy now because you can get two of the three southwest cards and get 100k points after spending $4k (total for two cards).  With the 100k points and the 4k points you get from the spending you are at 104k qualifying points.  All you need to do is to spend $6k more on either of the cards to get to 110k points! It’s that easy. When you have earned 110k miles in one calendar year you will have earned the companion pass!  It should show up in your account within 30 days.  At that point you can add a companion to any existing reservation at no cost, except taxes and fees (typically $11).

There is huge value in the companion pass because you not only earn it in the current year but you also earn it for the next year as well.  If you earn the companion pass early in the year it is almost good for 24 months!

Thrifty Tip #3: Apply for two Southwest cards in the same day.  It will only result in one credit inquiry!

Thrifty Tip #4:  Earn the companion pass early in the year.  It is good for the remainder of the current year and the next!

Hope you enjoy this hot new Southwest offer! Let me know if you have any questions about the new offer in the comments below!

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  1. Autumn Wilson says:

    I love the idea of the companion pass! My only question is… to use it the following year (while it’s still good). Do you have to still have both credit cards open? Or are you able to cancel one of them before the next yearly membership fee? Sorry. I’ve only flown with Southwest once so I’m not sure how their points system works. 🙂

    • Great question Autumn! Once you earn the companion pass you are free to close the cards whenever you want. I typically leave cards open for 6-9 months and close them shortly before you would have to pay the annual fee again.

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