The 6 Hottest Flight Deals of February

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it certainly wasn’t short on flight deals! We’re doing a roundup of the hottest international flight deals we found in the month of February, just in case one of these is on your bucket list for 2019. The prices you’ll see below are real flight deals we’ve found just in the last few weeks.

Many of these deals are already gone, but if you want to get in on the next insane fare, sign up for Thrifty Traveler Premium. Premium subscribers get the heads up immediately on these amazing international flight deals. The cost of Premium is $40/year. Once you’re subscribed and locked in at a price, it will never change.

Below are just a few of our favorite deals we found this past month — which of these flight deals has you dreaming of your next vacation?

1. Half Off Peak Summer Fares to New Zealand

While we continued to get hit hard with several inches of snow each week, the Thrifty Traveler team was hard at work looking for cheap fares to warm destinations. Winter for us is peak summer in New Zealand: the perfect time to go! Flights to New Zealand are usually over $1,125 out of LA. With this deal, Premium subscribers saved over $450! With those kinds of savings, it’s worth it to book a cheap flight to LA and cross New Zealand off your bucket list.


$636 nonstop fare from LA to New Zealand.

2. Nationwide Sale from ALL U.S. Airports to England and Scotland

Think your small town home airport would never get flight deals? Think again! We found a flash sale from nearly EVERY SINGLE airport in the U.S. to several cities in England and Scotland. That’s right, you could get half off fares to the UK from over 90 U.S. airports! This deal was live and under $500 (usually $900) from even the smallest regional airports, like Billings, Dayton, Duluth, Pensacola, South Bend, Lubbock, and over 80 more. This deal was cheapest from Boston and other major hubs. Oh, and this deal was available during Thanksgiving if you’re looking to save on PTO.


Boston to London nonstop and roundtrip for $370.

We found several other nationwide flash sales to Europe for as low as $257. Even smaller airports like Billings, Fargo, Duluth, Fresno, International Falls, Minot, Spokane, Wichita, and 80 more U.S. cities were half the typical airfare price. If you’re looking to get to Europe this year, we found flight deals for you this month:

  • Nationwide to ALL Italy from $305 (was: $950)
  • Nationwide to France from $319 (including French Riviera – was: $850)
  • Nationwide to Spain from $257 (was: $850)
  • Nationwide to Amsterdam, Netherlands for $400 (was: $875)

3. 15 Cities to Morocco from $479

I don’t know about you, but Casablanca and Marrakech are at the top of my bucket list. The vibrant colors, exciting markets, delicious food, and stunning sand dunes are a must-see in this lifetime! Cheap flights to Morocco are rare, but we found $500 off fares to Casablanca this month from 15 cities. Usually, flights to Morocco are $950 or more.


$479 roundtrip fare from New York to Casablanca, Morocco.

4. $500 Off Fares to Greece

If you’ve ever looked for “cheap” flights to Greece, you know how difficult it can be to find a great deal. We were so excited to find $500 off typical airfare to Athens from 14 U.S. cities. My recommendation? Check out the Acropolis in Athens, then take a quick ferry or plane to one of the many gorgeous Greek islands. I love Mykonos and Santorini!


Philadelphia to Athens, Greece for $460 roundtrip. Savings of over $500.

5. Business Class to Thailand

Tired of squeezing into a coach seat with no advance seat assignment? Then a Business Class fare is for you. You could have flown in luxury in a lie-flat seat to Thailand on the Business Class deal we found this past month. This fare included priority boarding, checked bags, lie-flat seats, lounge access, business class food service, and champagne. Does this not look like the best way to travel to SE Asia?!

KLM Business Class Lie-Flat Seat to Bangkok, Thailand.

This business class ticket would usually cost you $4,000+, but was just $2,100 when we found it! That’s savings over almost $2,000. This fare was available during peak summer and Christmas, the most popular times to travel.

If you are a Delta elite this fare would have earned you 33k MQMs & $9k MQDs towards Delta medallion status. You would have also earned as many as 45k SkyMiles for crediting your KLM flight to Delta.


Business Class fare from LA to Bangkok for $1,900 less than typical price.

6. Peak Summer Fares to Australia from $446

It has been a hot start to 2019 for deals to Australia! We found quite a few great deals to Australia this month, including some rare peak summer availability to Australia from 10 U.S. cities. It usually costs over $1,200 to get to and from Australia. You just can’t beat these half off prices!

Phoenix to Melbourne, Australia for $446, usually $1,250.

…and much, much more.

We found more than 90 international flight deals this past month alone, and are busy finding the flight deals of tomorrow, now! Here’s a look at some of the other 85 flight deals we found this past month:

  • 5 cities to Hawaii from $257 (was: $525)
  • 50+ cities to San Juan, Puerto Rico from $155 (was: $450)
  • 5 cities to Bangkok, Thailand from $495 (including Tokyo stopover – was: $825)
  • 35 cities to Costa Rica from $212 (was: $500)
  • 14 cities to Split & Zagreb, Croatia from $499 (was: $850)
  • 18 cities to Hong Kong from $427 (was: $800)
  • 10 cities to Buenos Aires & Santiago from $540 (was: $1000)
  • 20 cities to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for $382 (was: $1000)
  • 7 cities to Mumbai & New Delhi, India from $565 (5-star airline – was: $975)
  • 5 cities to Cebu & Manila, Philippines from $476 (including Tokyo stopover – was: $825)
  • 17 cities to The Azores, Portugal from $469 (Peak Summer – was: $950)
  • 35 cities to London, England from $340 (was: $750)
  • 19 cities to Geneva & Zurich, Switzerland from $397 (was: $875)
  • 15 cities to Reykjavik, Iceland from $254 (Peak Summer – was: $550)
  • 17 cities to Tokyo, Japan from $525 (was: $1150)

If any of these destinations are on your 2019 bucket list, it’s time to join Premium and save $250 to $500 or much more on your next flight.

Bottom Line

If the cheap international flights we found in February are any indication of how 2019 will look for flight deals, we’re in for an awesome year of travel. All of these deals were discovered by our team and sent out to Thrifty Traveler Premium subscribers. If you’re looking for half-off airfare to these cities and more, subscribe to Thrifty Traveler Premium and get instant notification of the international flight deals we find.

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