Starbucks Offering 3 Months of Spotify Premium for just $0.99

Spotify Premium

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Earlier today, I received an email from Starbucks alerting me of a new offer for Spotify Premium. From June 5th to the 14th, you can try three months of Spotify Premium for just $0.99. On top of that, you will receive 125 Bonus Stars to use at Starbucks. If you are not familiar with the Starbucks Rewards program. 125 stars is enough to redeem for one free menu item.

It appears you must be a member of Starbucks’ rewards program to take advantage of this offer. If you are not already a member, you can create your account here.

Thrifty Tip: To get the offer for three months of Spotify for $0.99 you can follow this link here.


Spotify Premium


Our Analysis

If you are not currently a Spotify Premium member, this is a great chance to try out the music streaming service. I have been a subscriber for almost four years now and it is an excellent product I use almost every day. After your three months are up, you can continue your subscription for just $9.99 a month. You can also create a family membership for only $14.99 a month which gives unlimited access to up to 6 accounts.


Bottom Line

We have seen Starbucks rollout similar promotions in the past as part of their partnership with Starbucks. I wouldn’t wait on this if you are thinking about it as the promotion is only good “while supplies last.” My guess is they are only allowing access to a certain number of $0.99 trials.


Sign-up for your three month Spotify Premium trial for $0.99


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3 Responses

  1. Ben Dover says:

    Please stick to airfare updates. Lamest post ever.

    • ThriftyTraveler says:

      It’s Thrifty Traveler. Sorry, we don’t limit ourselves to airfare updates.

      • D2theB says:

        @TT – understood. But touting a promotion = 1 free cup of coffee is a good way to turn readers (like me) of your blog somewhere else. In a world full of SPAM-filled inboxes – Thrifty Traveler has 2 choices. 1) Be another in-your-face, ad-forward dumpster that forces its users to sift thru the garbage to find the true travel deals that made you successful or 2) just post worthy content.

        So next time when you say “It’s Thrifty Traveler” – be careful how naive that sounds.

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