We got hit by a Tornado!

You may have noticed there were no updates to Thrifty Traveler yesterday. Mrs. TT and I were enjoying a beautiful weekend up at her family cabin in northern Minnesota when there was an outbreak of severe weather Sunday evening. We were directly hit by a tornado and were trapped at the cabin without power and water until yesterday afternoon. Luckily, we had a key to the neighboring cabin which had a basement. At the last second, we ran over to there and parked the car in the garage. The spot where the car had been parked had three large trees down after the storm.

We watched the storm from the garage as it approached and then the tornado hit. It didn’t sound like a freight train like I’ve heard before. All we could hear was a loud roar accented with with loud thuds as massive 100 year old white pines snapped off and slammed into the ground. Once things got really bad we retreated back into the house where it was eerily quiet except for the trees hitting the house. Scary stuff.

The National Weather Service visited us at the cabin on Monday and estimated it was an EF2 tornado with 120 MPH winds. This explains why most of the trees were snapped right off. Sometimes we forget how powerful mother nature can be. Always heed severe weather warnings everyone!

Our car is still stuck up at the cabin but we were able to get a ride out and we’re safe back home. We’re back to regularly scheduled programming today.




Neighbors yard right after the storm

Neighbor’s yard right after the storm


Damage to the neighbors cabin

Damage to the neighbor’s cabin




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  1. iane says:

    I’m glad you guys are okay.
    Take care always!

  2. jcarmstrong23 says:

    glad you guys are ok

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