How to See More Facebook Flight Deals (and not just from Minneapolis)

Reader Katie asked the following question about our Facebook Page:

“I follow your page on Facebook but I only see flight deal posts from Minneapolis. What’s the deal?”


I’ve received several messages with similar concerns. We post 8-10 flight deal posts to Facebook per day but many of you can only see 1-2. Due to recent changes in Facebook’s algorithm, only our most liked posts appear in many users newsfeeds. Since we are based out of Minneapolis, we have a disproportionate number of midwest Facebook users, which can impact what you see on Facebook. The good news is there is a simple fix to make sure you never miss another post.


The Fix 

Log into Facebook on either your mobile device or desktop computer and navigate to our Facebook page. Then click on the “Following” button and scroll down and select “See First“. Now our content will be given priority in your newsfeed and you should never miss another post! We also recommend signing up for our daily newsletter, which offers a summary of all our daily posts.



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