[HOT Offer] 50% off at Boxed (Promo code / Amex offer / Ebates)

Update: This offer is expired! 

Back in April, we covered how there was an Amex Offer for $25 off your Boxed order of $65 or more. This is a great offer by itself, and an offer which was on almost all of our American Express cards. The Amex offer expires June 30th.

Now let’s teach you guys about the beauty of stacking offers. Boxed has a friend and family event this weekend, with a 20% off promo code (FAMILY). You can stack that with the $25 off $65 Amex offer. Alright, that’s some solid savings, but wait there’s more! You can also sign-up for Ebates and get an additional 4% off by shopping through their Ebates portal!

If you’re not signed up for Boxed yet (free membership) then use our referral for $15 off your first order. Of course this stacks with the other offers (except the 20% promo code).



Ways to Save at Boxed


Bottom Line 

Boxed is great for all the staples around the house from garbage bags, cereal to carbonated water, etc. I’m a big fan of the service so far, and I wish them luck against the big boys over at Amazon. I’ve already made two orders in the last 24 hours and I may make another to take advantage of these crazy savings. I’ve ordered several 24 packs of Lacroix (not light) and I can’t imagine they’re making much on me after those shipping costs!


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