Qatar Travel Festival HUGE Promotion! Many fares 50% off!

The Qatar Travel Festival recently announced by Qatar Airways is their largest promotion of the year. Many fares are 50% off until January 17th. There are some great deals if you are looking at flying almost anywhere in the world from now through year-end! In case you aren’t aware Qatar is also rated one the “World’s Best Airlines” by Skytrax!

Flying any of the Persian Gulf-based airlines (Emirates, EtihadQatar) will far exceed any experience you would receive on any of the US domestic airlines. Mrs. TT flew from Milan to NYC last year on Emirates and was blown away by the quality of service.

Besides the sale, you will earn 3x Qmiles when you book online, and any ticket purchases during the sale will also be entered into a drawing to win some pretty awesome prizes. Make sure to check out our favorite deals from the Qatar Travel Festival listed below!


Qatar Travel Festival

Qatar Travel Festival



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