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How You Can (Maybe) Get a 75K Bonus if You Already Have a Chase Sapphire Card

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Whether you're brand new to travel credit cards or a seasoned veteran, the *chase sapphire preferred*  and *chase sapphire reserve* are some of the best travel cards on the market. Right now, you can earn 75,000 Chase points after spending $4,000 in the first three months on both cards. But even travelers who've had these cards in their wallets for years may be able to take advantage.

That's huge as Chase Ultimate Rewards are among the most valuable points you can earn. The Sapphire Preferred welcome offer alone is worth at least $900 toward travel, with the bonus earned on the Sapphire Reserve being worth a whopping $1,125 for bookings through Chase Travel℠.

To earn that bonus, you just need to be eligible .. and Chase is notoriously stingy when it comes to approving credit card applicants. But just because you've already got a Chase Sapphire card in your wallet doesn't mean you can't earn this new bonus: It depends on how long ago you earned the bonus on your Sapphire card the last time around.

Keep reading for everything you need to know.


*chase sapphire preferred*


Learn more about the *csp*.


*chase sapphire reserve*


Learn more about the *chase sapphire reserve*.


Eligibility Requirements for a Chase Sapphire Card 75K Point Offer

Before you apply for a Chase Sapphire card (or any Chase credit card, for that matter), you'll want to make sure you meet all of the eligibility requirements to get approved.

But most importantly, remember this: Credit cards are serious business. Credit card debt is a massive problem in the U.S. You should never spend money on a credit card you can't pay off immediately. No matter how big the bonus might be, it's not worth making interest payments or digging yourself into a hole in debt.

From there, here's what to keep in mind:

If you meet all of these requirements, you should be eligible to earn the current 75,000-point bonus on a Chase Sapphire card. And that's true even if you already hold the Sapphire Preferred or Sapphire Reserve.

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How Current Cardholders Can Earn the 75K Bonus

If you already have the *chase sapphire preferred* or the *chase sapphire reserve*, and it has been four or more years since you last earned a sign-up bonus on either card, there is a workaround that you can use to take advantage of this biggest ever offer.

By simply calling the number on the back of your Chase Sapphire card, you can request to downgrade your card to one of the no-annual-fee Chase Freedom Cards – either the *freedom unlimited* or the Chase Freedom Flex.

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Chase Freedom Flex Vs Freedom Unlimited


By downgrading to one of the Chase Freedom cards, rather than canceling your Chase Sapphire card outright, you'll keep any Chase Ultimate Rewards points in your account intact. And even if you already have one of the Chase Freedom cards, Chase actually allows you to hold both of them at the same time: You can downgrade to the version you don't already have in your wallet.

Once that downgrade has been completed, you can then reapply for a Chase Sapphire card with the current 75,000-point offer – as long as you meet the application requirements outlined above, of course. We recommend waiting at least two weeks before reapplying for the card. This should ensure that Chase has no record in their systems of you still having a Sapphire card open.


chase sapphire preferred 100k bonus


Once you apply and are approved for your new Chase Sapphire card, you can then transfer those points from the Freedom card you downgraded back to your new Chase Sapphire card. Doing so will pool all your points into one balance and allow you to redeem them for travel through the Chase travel portal, or transfer them to one of Chase's airline or hotel transfer partners to book flights or hotels. 

Just opened a Chase Sapphire Card? Here's how you could still get the bigger bonus


*chase sapphire preferred*


Learn more about the *csp*.


*chase sapphire reserve*


Learn more about the *chase sapphire reserve*.

Bottom Line

Even if you currently have a Chase Sapphire Preferred or Reserve card, you might still be eligible to take advantage of the current 75,000-point offer again. Just make sure you haven't earned a bonus on either card within the last four years and meet all of the other eligibility requirements before applying.


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  • I have downgraded my CSR. I meet the eligibility requirements to receive the sign-on bonus when I reapply for CSR or CSP. You recommend waiting at least two weeks before reapplying for a Sapphire Card. Is there a way I can ensure they don’t have any record in their systems of my still having a Sapphire Card open?

  • Hey Nick,
    Outstanding info. on the Chase card and eligibility requirements for the 100k point offer.
    Thank you,

  • Any concerns a downgrade will disqualify you from any prior bonus rewards you earned on earlier promotions?

  • What if you hold a balance that was balance transferred with a 0% APR deal given by chase? Do you know if that will be effected?

  • Husband downgraded 3 weeks ago and I just submitted the application and got the we cannot approve message … He had the CSP for over 10 years before downgrading to the Flex, He has never been turned down and he has a low CL on all his 7 cards… will call retention after the letter arrives… bummer.

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