New Year Means Airline Fee Credits!

Just a reminder to apply for Airline Fee Credits for the following cards:


American Express Gold / Platinum Reimbursement

One of the few drawbacks of the Amex Platinum card is the $450 annual fee that is charged up front. The best ways to offset the high annual fee is the $200 annual Amex Platinum reimbursement for airline incidentals. This is for fees like bags, lounge access, etc., not an actual paid flight. The reimbursement works the same on the Amex Premier Rewards Gold card, but it’s only $100.

Although the reimbursement for airline incidentals is not supposed to cover airline gift card purchases, it actually does. Let me show you how!


Step 1

Before you decide which airline gift card to purchase, you have to select which airline to receive reimbursement from in your Amex settings. The airline selection can’t be changed for the remainder of the year, so choose wisely. You will have to do this for both cards depending on which one you have. I suggest United per Step #2.

Premier Rewards Gold

Platinum Link


Step 2

I recommend downloading the United MileagePlusX app on your phone. Then use your the Platinum card to buy a $200 Amazon gift card ($100 for Premier Rewards Gold) from the app and get reimbursed! The gift card will code as a purchase from United. To me, the Amazon gift card is as good as cash, since I shop at Amazon almost weekly. Don’t forget that the $200 reimbursement ($100 for PRG) is a calendar year perk so you can get it now before 2015 is up and again in early 2016. So that’s $400 or $200 back right away! This helps offset almost the whole $450 annual fee (or no annual fee for PRG)!

The reimbursement will automatically appear on your statement within 1-2 weeks. Just make sure you selected United (per Step #1) before your purchase!

Thrifty Tip #2: The $200 reimbursement is a calendar year perk so you can get it in 2016, and in January 2017. If you net out the $400 in reimbursements with the $450 annual fee the Amex platinum card only ends up costing $50 for the first year!


Airline Fee Credits

Statement reimbursement for the Amazon gift card purchase


If you aren’t a big Amazon shopper you can also purchase gift cards from Delta, which also qualify for reimbursement. There are quite a few purchases that qualify for the reimbursement. Check out the Flyertalk forum links below.


I recommend reading the following FlyerTalk threads for more info:

United Airlines $200 Reimbursement Thread 

Delta $200 Reimbursement Thread 

American Airlines $200 Reimbursement Thread 


My favorite things about the Amex Platinum Card: (Click here for review)

Airline Fee Credits



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