Last day to book before the American AAdvantage Devaluation!

American Basic Economy Seats

Another reminder to book before the American Airlines points devaluation, which will be implemented tonight. I’d recommend booking before this evening as imagine the already scarce award inventory will become even more limited.

If you’re looking at booking business class flights (best use of miles) check out South America and China. There is still availability to Beijing on the 787 Dreamliner. Very limited availability to other locations around the world.

There is much better availability on Economy awards. If you are trying to conserve your miles but want to travel to Europe make sure to travel during the off-peak season which is only 20k miles each way from Oct 1st through May 15th! This will be changing with the devaluation tomorrow as well!

Read more about the March 22nd AAdvantge devaluation here!


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