How to Transfer SPG Points To Another Account

One of the best features of the Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) program is the ability to transfer points to another individual. This is a rare feature in the points game. The only requirement is that the two SPG accounts transferring points must have the same mailing address. You can do this simply by changing your address in your account settings. If you are changing your address, you must wait 30 days in order to transfer points.

Even when you are finally able to transfer the points, it will still take an additional 3-5 days for the transfer to be completed. Similar to transfers from Starpoints to airline miles, the transfer does not happen immediately. The process isn’t quick but the ability to transfer Starpoints is worth it.

Thrifty Tip: Utilize this method to split hotel rooms with friends and family. You are only required to have the same mailing address.



Step 1: Ensure both SPG accounts have the same address on file

To change your address, log into your SPG account and go Manage my Account and then My Profile. You must wait 30 days after changing your address to be able to transfer points.


Step 2: Go to Starpoints & Awards and then Redeem Starpoints

how to transfer SPG points to another account


Step 3: Select My Options

how to transfer SPG points to another account


Step 4: Select Give Starpoints and click Transfer Starpoints

how to transfer SPG points to another account


Step 5: Enter the SPG number of Starpoints Recipient

how to transfer SPG points to another account


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  1. sbelle says:

    I was stranded in Myanmar because Starwood Preferred Guest was not able to transfer miles from my account to Korean Air. Korean Air required that the name on their account match the name on my passport which included my middle name in order to set up an account with them. Starwood Preferred Guest was unable to include a middle name so after being rejected after waiting 2 weeks with mile MIA, I resubmitted them and again they were rejected even though SPG said they had changed my account to include my middle name. The day before we were to leave, we were forced to buy a business class return ticket. I requested to be reimbursed the cost of the ticket as well as miles left unused in Korean Air but was denied. Korean Air tried to accommodate by dumbing down by deleting my middle name but it was too late. Be aware!!!

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