These Were the Hottest September Flight Deals

Ready to stop overpaying for international flights? You’ve come to the right place. And at the right time, too.

You’ll hardly believe your eyes when you see the flight deals we found in the last few weeks. We search for flight deals all day, every day, and somehow … flights still keep getting cheaper. This month, we were obsessed with flights to Europe and Hawaii under $200 roundtrip, SkyMiles flash sales to Tokyo and Mexico, half-off business class fares, and so much more.

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Here’s a taste of just how cheap things have gotten for international flights based on the 100+ deals we found in the past month. Which of these deals has you ready to pack your bags?

$195 Roundtrip Flights to Europe

It finally happened: nonstop and roundtrip flights to Europe under $200! Just when we thought flights to Europe were as cheap as they could be, they got even cheaper. Nonstop flights from NYC to Madrid through next spring were $195 roundtrip. At that price, you can’t afford NOT to go!
Not from New York? Book a cheap positioning flight to NYC and you could have taken advantage of this crazy cheap deal. But if more flights to Europe from your city is what you’re looking for, don’t worry: we’ve got those, too.

Nationwide Flash Sales From 100+ Cities to Europe

Do you live in a smaller city, far from the major hub airports? Prefer to beat the traffic and fly out of a regional airport? We’ve got you covered.

We find flight deals from over 100 U.S. airports, likely including yours. It’s not just the big cities that benefit from flight deals – we’ve seen airfare from even small U.S. cities dropping, too.

The most shocking deal of the month was a nationwide flash sale from 100-plus U.S. airports to Austria, Germany, and Switzerland from as low as $298. This included fares from Cedar Rapids (CID), Des Moines (DSM), Duluth (DLH), Fargo (FAR), Lubbock (LBB), Peoria (PIA), Reno (RNO), Sioux Falls (FSD), Toledo (TOL), and many more for under $350 total. Yes, that’s a round-trip price.

You could fly to Europe for less than it costs to get to California from most small airports! Some of our other hot nationwide deals to Europe available from over 100 U.S. airports included:

  • Nationwide to Spain from $407 (SkyTeam – Was: $950)
  • Nationwide to Italy from $284 (inc’l Thanksgiving- Was: $850)
  • Nationwide to France from $251 (Star Alliance – Was: $950)


$197 Nonstop Flights to Hawaii

This one is still unbelievable.

Nonstop flights to Hawaii dropped under $200 roundtrip this month! This unbelievable flight deal was a battle for the cheapest airfare between Southwest and Hawaiian Airlines, and our Premium subscribers were the winners here.


The flight deals we found to Hawaii this month didn’t get any lower than $197, but they didn’t stop! We found some hot deals to paradise from the Midwest and East Coast for half the typical airfare price:

  • Delta hubs to Hawaii from $394 (AA – Was: $700)
  • [NONSTOP] 8 cities to Hawaii from $277 (Alaska Airlines- Was: $650)
  • 35+ cities to Hawaii from $350 (inc’l nonstop – Was: $750)


Half-Off Business Class Fares

Tired of cramming into an economy seat, or want to experience business class on your next international flight? We found several business class deals this month at half the price. Affording to fly in comfort and luxury isn’t that unattainable, after all!

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but perhaps the most exciting business class deal we found last week was half-off business class fares to Ireland on British Airways’ new 777 Club Suite.

This fare included priority boarding, checked bags, lie-flat seats, lounge access, business class food service, and champagne. The best part? This business class deal was available over Christmas and New Years! Talk about an epic holiday flying to Ireland in luxury.


Photo courtesy of British Airways

Curious what other business class fares we found this month? Check these out:

  • [BIZ CLASS / NONSTOP] 7 cities to Amsterdam, Netherlands from $1992 (SkyTeam / lie-flat / Xmas – Was: $4000)
  • [BIZ CLASS] Atlanta / Boston / Jacksonville to Bogotá, Colombia from $672 (Delta / lie-flat – Was: $1200)
  • [BIZ CLASS] 5 cities to Reykjavik, Iceland from $806 (Nonstop – Was: $1500)
  • [BIZ CLASS] Newark to Paris, France for $1292 (inc’l Christmas & NYE – Was: $2250)
  • [BIZ CLASS] Los Angeles to Beijing & Shanghai, China for $1477 (5-star airline / lie-flat – Was: $3750)
  • [BIZ CLASS] 60+ cities to Havana, Cuba from $412 (Delta & United – Was: $850)
  • [BIZ CLASS] Newark to Nice, France for $1288 (NONSTOP / PEAK SUMMER – Was: $2400)


…and much more.

We found 100+ international flight deals this past month alone, and we’re busy finding the best deals of October now! Here’s a look at some of the other flight deals we found this past month:

  • Boston to São Paulo, Brazil for $430 (Copa – Was: $900)
  • Nationwide to Vancouver, British Columbia from $189 (inc’l nonstop – Was: $425)
  • 8 cities to Berlin, Germany from $424 (inc’l nonstop – Was: $850)
  • 18 cities to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from $255 (inc’l nonstop – Was: $575)
  • 55+ cities to San Juan, Puerto Rico from $157 (inc’l nonstop – Was: $500)
  • [NONSTOP] 10 cities to Dubai, UAE from $767 (Emirates – Was: $1350)
  • 20+ cities to Zürich, Switzerland from $435 (inc’l nonstop – Was: $850)
  • 8 cities to Florence, Italy from $508 (SkyTeam – Was: $850)
  • 55+ cities to Oaxaca, Mexico from $229 (inc’l Thanksgiving – Was: $600)
  • 9 cities to Bridgetown, Barbados from $286 (inc’l Thanksgiving – Was: $750)
  • Minneapolis to Amsterdam, Netherlands for $366 (AA – Was: $800)
  • [NONSTOP] Newark to Cape Town, South Africa for $720 (United – Was: $1550)
  • 50+ cities to Beijing, China from $304 (inc’l nonstop- Was: $850)
  • Chicago & DC to Tanzania from $656 (inc’l peak summer – Was: $1150)
  • 6 cities to Tel Aviv, Israel from $630 (inc’l Thanksgiving – Was: $1000)
  • 6 cities to Istanbul, Turkey from $503 (inc’l Thanksgiving – Was: $900)
  • Delta hubs to Cancún, Mexico for $263 (United – Was: $500)
  • 6 cities to Marrakesh, Morocco from $491 (Delta – Was: $950)
  • Delta SkyMiles Flash Sale to Tokyo, Japan from 62k R/T (Was: 90k+ or $1250)
  • Delta hubs to Athens, Greece for $478 (United – Was: $750)
  • 12 cities to Bangkok, Thailand from $481 (inc’l Thanksgiving – Was: $975)
  • Delta SkyMiles Flash Sale to China from 40k R/T (Was: 75k+ SkyMiles)
  • 7 cities to Tokyo, Japan from $366 (inc’l Thanksgiving – Was: $1050)
  • Chicago & NYC to Bali, Indonesia from $644 (#1 airline – Was: $1100)
  • 20+ cities to Dublin, Ireland from $329 (inc’l St. Paddy’s Day – Was: $700)
  • 17 cities to Lima, Peru from $358 (inc’l nonstop – Was: $750)
  • 8 cities to Nairobi, Kenya from $642 (inc’l Thanksgiving – Was: $1000)
  • 35+ cities to Belize City, Belize from $252 (inc’l nonstop – Was: $625)
  • Delta SkyMiles Flash Sale to Tokyo, Japan from 30k R/T (Was: 90k+ or $1250)
  • Delta SkyMiles Flash Sale to the Caribbean & Mexico from 10k R/T (Was: 35k+ SkyMiles)
  • Detroit & Minneapolis to San Juan, Puerto Rico from $164 (AA – Was: $450)
  • 35 cities to Turks & Caicos from $224 (inc’l nonstop – Was: $550)
  • [NONSTOP] 9 cities to Reykjavik, Iceland from $360 (Icelandair – Was: $600)
  • Chicago to Australia for $660 (inc’l nonstop – Was: $1250)
  • 6 cities to Cairo, Egypt from $576 (Delta / United – Was: $1000)
  • 20+ cities to St. Thomas, USVI from $189 (inc’l nonstop – Was: $500)
  • JFK & LAX to Male, Maldives from $597 (5-star airline – Was: $1100)
  • 20+ cities to Anchorage, Alaska from $195 (inc’l peak summer – Was: $550)
  • 3 cities to Mumbai, India from $564 (5-star airline – Was: $1000)
  • 7 cities to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from $484 (5-star airline – Was: $1000)
  • 19 cities to London, England from $309 (inc’l nonstop – Was: $750)


Bottom Line

With fares this low, cheap travel to your bucket list destinations is within reach!

All of these deals were discovered by our team and sent out to Premium subscribers. If you’re looking for up to 90% off airfare, sign up for Thrifty Traveler Premium and get instant notification of the international flight deals we find.


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