[Hot Deal] Earn 132,500 AAdvantage Miles with the CitiGold Offer!

Update: The 75k Citi Offer is no longer available but the 50k Citi AAdvantage Offer is now available again! Alternatively you can fund it with the 50k Citi Thank You Premier card offer!


Jesse over at Loophole Travel gave me a heads up on how to earn 132,500 AAdvantage miles with the CitiGold and Citi Executive offers. The first offer is the 75k AAdvantage mile Citi Executive offer, which was discussed earlier this week at Thrifty Traveler. The second offer is for 50k AAdvantage miles for opening a CitiGold checking account. The best part about opening the CitiGold account is that it can be funded with a credit card! You can knock out the high spending requirements on the Citi Executive card by funding your CitiGold account. Earning 132.5k AAdvantage miles has never been easier!


75k Citi Executive Offer + 7.5k Spending + 50k CitiGold offer = 132,500 AAdvantage Miles


Offer #1

citi executive 75k offerAmerican Airlines AAdvantage Executive by Citi

  • 75k AAdvantage miles after $7,500 spend in 3 months
  • Upfront $450 annual fee
  • Admiral Club Lounge Access
  • 1st checked bag is free for you and four companions
  • Early boarding in Zone 1
  • $100 Global Entry/TSA PreCheck Credit

By immediately funding the CitiGold account with the Executive card you should be able to avoid the $450 fee. Learn how here.


Offer #2

Citigold Checking Accountcitigold-logo-01

  • 50k AAdvantage miles after
    • Spending $1k on debit card
    • Completing one bill-pay for two consecutive months on a non-citi account
  • Use code 42ERCWNQU6 during sign-up
  • $30 monthly fee is waived for the first two months
  • There is only a soft pull (instead of hard) on your credit so your credit score won’t be affected


  1. Apply for the Citi Executive Credit Card. If you do not receive instant approval call reconsideration @ 800-763-9795.
  2. Apply to open the Citigold Checking Account. Make sure to use code 42ERCWNQU6 during sign-up.
  3. While applying for the Citigold account, you should see a button called promotional disclosures. This should include details of the offer. I recommend taking a screenshot for recordkeeping purposes.
  4. Select to fund the Citigold account with a credit card. You can select the PDF link to fill out and fax into Citi. To send a free online fax use faxzero.com. You can only fund up to your credit limit. Make sure to contact CitiCards before you fund the account to notify them of the large upcoming transaction.
  5. Wait 48 hours and check to see that your credit card has been charged. You should receive your debit card in the mail  as well as  a checkbook. You will also get a letter with your debit pin. This could take 1-2 weeks.
  6. Set-up and complete one bill-pay for two consecutive months
  7. Spend $1k on a debit card. You can use it for normal spending or you can use it to load Bluebird or Serve at Walmart.
  8. Once you’ve completed both monthly bill-pays, and $1k debit card spending, make sure to contact Citi through a secure message to ensure the points are posted to your AAdvantage account. There are reports of points that are slow to post.
  9. Once the points post you can keep the CitiGold account open or close it. Just a heads up that you will be charged $30 a month for the CitiGold account after the first two months. You can close the account online through the citi secure message system.


Thrifty Tip #1: Call or send a secure message from your Citi Executive account to notify them you are making a large purchase from CitiBank and set your cash advance limit to $0. This way you should have no issue funding your account.

Thrifty Tip #2: Close your Citi Executive Credit Card after the first statement closes and the 75k AAdvantage miles post to your AAdvantage account. You will be refunded the annual fee. Detailed info here.

Thrifty Tip #3: You can also receive Thank You Points instead of AAdvantage miles with code 42ERCZ42PY. You could apply for the Citi Thank You Premier card, to earn a total of 103k Thank You Points. Just follow the same steps.


Bottom Line

If you have not applied for either offer I highly recommend taking advantage while you can. I’ve had the Citi Executive card within the last 18 months so I am not eligible for the offer. I was however eligible for the CitiGold 50k offer, so I applied, and funded with the Citi Thank You Premier card. Make sure to fund the account with a Citi Card to avoid any issues with a possible cash advance. Don’t hesitate, the Citi Executive offer is set to expire October 27th so apply now!


Did you earn 132,500 AAdvantage Miles with the CitiGold offer? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Alan Stewart says:

    If you are able to fund this account up to 100k with a credit card, will that count as cash spend? For example would it be possible to deposit 100k into this account on cards, paying them off on the due date and collect the points?

  2. Alan Stewart says:

    Of course but this seems like an obvious way to generate cash spend. You could endlessly transfer in funds and pay off the card, plus there would be no fees involved like with the Simon gift card method. I’m sure this has been thought of so why wouldn’t this be a more optimal method..?

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