Holiday Gifts for Thrifty Travelers

Listed below are my top holiday gifts for Thrifty Travelers. Some of these links do provide me a small commission if you choose to purchase. No pressure, I’m just big on transparency so I thought I’d let you know. I only recommend gear I’ve thoroughly researched myself.

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Bose Quietcomfort 25 Noise Cancelling headphones

Holiday Gifts for Thrifty Travelers

These beautiful headphones are on my wishlist and are currently 10% off, which is very rare for Bose. I hope Mrs. TT thinks I’ve been good this year! These aren’t cheap but they hold their value well for later resale on craigslist or eBay. (Amazon Link)





Holiday Gifts for Thrifty Travelers

Belkin Rockstar Mini Headphone Splitter

I use the splitter when Mrs. TT and I want to watch the same movie on a flight together, or if I want to torture her with my favorite Justin Bieber album. This is a thrifty way to make those long flights more enjoyable. (Amazon Link)



Holiday Gifts for Thrifty Travelers

Anker E3

Long plane or train ride with no access to a USB charger? The Anker E3 is your solution!  It offers two USB charging ports and charges my iPhone 6 Plus almost three times before it needs to be recharged itself.  It’s a steal for under $25! (Amazon Link)




Belkin 3-outlet surge protector

Holiday Gifts for Thrifty TravelersThe Belkin 3-outlet surge protector travels with me on every trip. It features 2 USB charging outlets, 3 plug-in outlets, and it also protects your expensive gadgets from any power surges.  The Belkin is well made and mine is still going strong after four years. Never be stuck in an airport lounge or hotel room without outlets to plug-in your devices! (Amazon Link)


Apple Macbook ProHoliday Gifts for Thrifty Travelers

The Apple MacBook Pro is slightly heavier than the Macbook Air but has the beautiful Retina screen, which I’d gladly lug around an extra half pound for. The #1 reason I purchase Apple products, in addition to reliability, is their high resale value. I used my old MacBook Air everyday for four years and sold it on craigslist for $400 less than I paid for it! (Amazon Link)



Samsonite 21 inch Spinner

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 12.30.45 PM


The Samsonite 21 inch Spinner is my favorite carry on luggage. It fits in almost any overhead bin, and the four wheels make rolling around the airport a breeze.  In the three years I’ve had the bag it has taken quite a beating and is still going strong. Mrs. TT recently went on a work trip to Italy and borrowed my bag, now she wants one, as well.  I can’t recommend this bag enough. (Amazon Link)




International Plug-in AdapterHoliday Gifts for Thrifty Travelers

If you’re leaving the country you’re going to need an international plug-in adapter to charge your devices.  This one is cheap and gets the job done and includes a USB charging port as well.  If you’re traveling as a couple I would recommend bringing one for each of you. It gets ugly when Mrs. TT and I fight over who gets to charge their phone, so don’t leave home without this! (Amazon Link)



Patagonia Black Hole 60L DuffelHoliday Gifts for Thrifty Travelers

This bag is my favorite weekend bag. It’s well made and water resistant and is built for a casual weekend trip or a canoeing adventure. It’s not cheap at $119 but I’ve figured out that similar to Apple products, Patagonia items hold their resale value really well.  I was actually able to sell one of my old Patagonia bags on eBay for $20 more than I paid for it. That was after two years of extensive use! I used this bag on my short trip to Cuba this spring.


Aeris Travel Pillow and Sleep MaskHoliday Gifts for Thrifty Travelers

I’ve hated on these things for years, but I’ve given in to the travel pillow. There is nothing worse than arriving to your destination tired. The travel pillow is a must for long-haul flights. (Amazon Link)




Holiday Gifts for Thrifty TravelersLowepro Fastpack 250 Camera Backpack

If I need to carry around all my camera gear including my laptop, then I bring this bag.

The Lowepro backpack is well padded and has enough room for my Macbook Pro and all the lenses I could need.  It also has a special zipper specifically for accessing your laptop as well as another for your camera.  The laptop side zipper is also awesome for TSA security. The pack also includes a waist strap if the bag is weighing you down. (Amazon Link)




Nikon D5300Holiday Gifts for Thrifty Travelers

I recently upgraded my DSLR camera to the Nikon D5300.  There is a D5500 available but based on my research there aren’t any new updates to justify paying extra for.  You will see a refurbished option on the Amazon order page where you can save around $200.  I usually purchase refurbished items whenever possible as they are generally just like new, but considerably less expensive.  If you want wide angle landscape shots or zoom photos you will need to branch out beyond the included kit lens. (Amazon Link)



SHoliday Gifts for Thrifty Travelersigma 10-20mm wide-angle lens

I enjoy taking shots of landscapes. The Sigma does an awesome job capturing almost any wide-angle shot. Here are a couple of my favorite shots #1 and #2 and one of my favorite shots from this year #3. If you want to take great photos, you’ve got to pony up and buy a good lens. (Amazon Link)




Holiday Gifts for Thrifty TravelersDomke F-5X Camera Bag

If you only need to carry your camera and one extra lens then the Domke F-5X bag is my go to.  It’s rugged, looks great, and is water resistant.  The thing is practically bulletproof and has extremely high quality components.  I highly recommend you purchase the shoulder pad as well. (Amazon Link)




Nest 3rd Generation Thermostat
Holiday Gifts for Thrifty Travelers

The Nest 3rd Generation Thermostat is a Thrifty Traveler’s best friend. Even if I’m not home, I can check in with the app and can adjust the temperature or schedule from anywhere in the world. I know the Nest has saved me a significant amount of money from the app based scheduling alone, probably enough to justify the cost of the device. In independent studies, Nest saved an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills, that means the Nest can pay for itself in under two years. Check out my post on why the Nest is a Thrifty Traveler’s best friend! (Amazon Link)




Hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday season! 


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