Happy Holidays Video from WOW Air (Save some coin!)

Iceland based WOW Air burst onto the US budget airlines scene in 2014. In 2016, WOW is ramping things up in markets on the east coast, and they are purchasing A330-300’s for their new San Francisco and Los Angeles routes next summer. Check out the video above to see the exciting developments for WOW Air in 2015.


Wow Air

Route Map


Last spring and summer, WOW started offering $99 one-way fares from Boston and Baltimore to Paris and Amsterdam. Granted, WOW tacks on fees for everything from baggage (checked bag $48), food, and drinks (not even water is free), but if you plan right you can get to Europe for dirt cheap. Pack a lunch, bring a bottle of water, and some snacks! You can save hundreds of dollars by flying WOW Air or their competitor Norwegian.


Wow Air

WOW’s CEO in front of their new A321 (Registration: TF-MOM, the other is TF-DAD)


Bottom Line

Flights aboard WOW Air are searchable on Google Flights, or you can search directly on their surprisingly intuitive website. If you don’t live in any of the departure cities I recommend using points and miles to get to Boston, Baltimore, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. Mrs. TT and I do this quite often if we can save some coin, primarily by using the Southwest Companion Pass. We recommend booking the WOW Air ticket on the Barclays Arrival card. By utilizing the Arrival card’s statement credits, you should be able to cover the cost of the ticket! It will be exciting to see what new options budget airlines such as WOW Air will bring to the US market in 2016.


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