What happens when you try to Open a Plane Door Mid-Flight?

Last night a passenger on a Los Angeles to Minneapolis flight tried to open an aircraft door mid-flight. This seems to be a recurring story almost weekly with several interviews stating it’s a “passenger’s worst nightmare”. It’s all just media sensationalizing without explaining the fact that simple physics won’t allow the door to open. You can’t open the door because the cabin pressure won’t allow it.

Aircraft doors generally open inward and the higher pressure inside the aircraft pushes out on the emergency door. Even if the Rock was pulling on the door, it would not open. The doors are only made to open at ground level, but that doesn’t stop people from continuing to try to open the door, and getting tackled and arrested.

Planes generally don’t crash due to turbulence or some jerk trying to open an emergency door. It’s important to ignore these stories and remember that air travel is the safest mode of transportation. Air travel can be stressful, but try to kick back and enjoy the ride.


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