How to Use the Amex Platinum Card PayPal Credit (2021)
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How to Use the New $30 Monthly Amex Platinum Card PayPal Credits

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American Express has done more than arguably any other bank in adding new temporary benefits to travel credit cards since the start of the pandemic – especially the Platinum Card® from American Express.

It started with monthly $20 credits for both streaming services and cell phone service providers through the end of 2020. And as the pandemic raged on, Amex tried to stop cardholders from canceling by doling out huge retention offers of up to 50,000 points (or $500 back). To top it all off, they sought out new cardholders with the biggest-ever bonus on the Platinum Card, with up to 275,000 points on the table (terms apply).

But while the streaming and cell phone credits disappeared with the end of the year, American Express introduced something new for 2021: Amex Platinum cardholders will get a $30 monthly credit to use via PayPal through June 2021 – another $180 total in value.

But to get that $180, you need to use it. So let’s walk through what you need to know to get your Platinum Card set up in PayPal and how you can best put this new credit to use.


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How to Set Up Your Platinum Card in Your PayPal Wallet

To use this new Amex Platinum Card PayPal credit, you don’t need to register or enroll anywhere before shopping. Rather, you just need to add your Platinum Card to your PayPal account.

If you don’t yet have a PayPal account, you can create one here. It is free to do and only takes a few minutes. Once you are logged in, you’ll want to head to the wallet tab. From here, just select the “Link a card” option.


amex platinum card paypal credit


Once you are on the card linking screen, you’ll have the option to enter your Platinum Card information manually or enter your American Express login information, which will create an automatic connection to PayPal. If you have more than one American Express credit card, you can pick and choose which cards you want to add to your wallet.

Obviously, in order to take advantage of the Amex Platinum PayPal credit, you will need to make sure your Platinum Card is added to your PayPal wallet. And you’ll want to set it as your primary payment method.


amex platinum card paypal credit


How to Use the Amex Platinum Card PayPal Credit

Once you have added your Platinum Card to your PayPal wallet, you’re ready to start using that $30 credit each and every month – through June 2021.

While some previous Amex statement credits have been harder to use, PayPal is accepted by thousands of online retailers. It should be a cinch using it each and every month.

You can get an idea of some of the retailers that accept PayPal here, though this is by no means an exhaustive list. Target, WalMart, Apple, and thousands more accept PayPal. You can even continue using your PayPal credits to cover streaming services, as many platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and countless more accept PayPal.


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The easiest way to check if a retailer accepts PayPal is to simply advance to checkout. Most will make it very easy to see if PayPal is a payment option. If it is, you will get a $30 credit back for any shopping you do (as long as your Platinum Card is set up through PayPal).


amex platinum card paypal credit


From here, you just have to click the PayPal button, enter your account credentials and make sure to select your Platinum Card once prompted. Within a few days of your purchase posting to your Platinum card account, your $30 Amex Platinum PayPal credit should kick in.


amex platinum card paypal credit


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What About Using PayPal Credits for Person-to-Person Payments?

For the purposes of receiving your Amex Platinum PayPal credit each month, person to person payments via PayPal do not qualify for a transaction that will trigger the $30 credit. The transaction must be at a retailer that accepts PayPal as a payment option.


What Happens if You Don’t Use the $30 Credit Each Month?

As is the case with other monthly credits offered by the Platinum Card from American Express, your $30 PayPal credit will not roll over if you don’t use it in a given month. Any balance remaining each month will be forfeited, so it is important to have a plan to use it up.

Additionally, if your purchase is for an amount that is less than $30, you’ll receive a statement credit for the full amount of your purchase. Any balance remaining can be used for additional purchases until you’ve used up the entire $30.


What the Amex Platinum Card PayPal Credit Means

The Platinum Card from American Express has long been one of our favorite travel rewards credit cards. In normal times, the card offers unmatched travel benefits – including the best airport lounge access from any card.

But these benefits don’t come cheap: The annual fee clocks in at $550. So at a time when many still are not traveling, Amex is getting creative when it comes to adding value to the credit card. And these benefits like the new PayPal credits are crucial in helping cardholders make sense of the math of paying a $550 annual fee right now.

First, this $30 monthly PayPal credit allows you to get reimbursed for a total of $180 of purchases through June of 2021 – assuming you use $30 each month. Then, through the card’s Uber benefit, you can earn up to $200 a year for Uber rides or food delivery from Uber Eats: You’ll get $15 each month and $35 in December. Just as with these new PayPal credits, Uber credits are a “use-it-or-lose-it” benefit.


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Then, there is the $50 credit for purchases at Saks 5th Avenue that the card offers twice each year. You’ll receive $50 from January through June and another $50 from July through December. Again, this credit is a use it or lose it benefit.

And finally, there’s the card’s $200 annual airline credit fee, which you can use on a major U.S. airline to cover seat selection fees, baggage fees, lounge passes, and more. It’s gotten harder to use these credits over the years, but there are still some great ways to easily maximize them each year.

If you can use up all these benefits in 2021, it adds up to $680 in value through the end of the year. That means this new PayPal credit can help you not just recoup the card’s $550 annual fee – you can actually come out ahead.

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Bottom Line

The new Amex Platinum Card PayPal credit will be available through June of 2021 – and it’s not yet clear what Amex will do come July. But if you have the card (or apply for a new one), you’ll be able to use the card to get $30 each month with any online retailer that accepts PayPal.

Like all credits from Amex, this credit is a use-it-or-lose-it perk. Luckily, using it shouldn’t be a challenge. And that can help you make sense of paying a $550 annual fee right now.


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