Google Fi Makes Our Favorite International Phone Plan Even Cheaper

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We’ve previously covered how Google Fi offers the best international phone plan. T-Mobile may come close (I have both), but if you need to be connected at unthrottled 4G speeds, no other plan offers the same speeds for cheap. It’s hard to beat $10/GB unthrottled connectivity in over 135+ countries. Data is the same price here at home as well as abroad.

To make their Google Fi service even better, Google has rolled out what they call “Bill Protection”. Once you’ve used 6 GB, data is free for the rest of the cycle (up to 15GB).  Basically the plan offers unlimited data for $60 per month anywhere in the world. Even if you’re a power user, your plan will never cost more than $80 per month

It’s important to remember this isn’t just a domestic unlimited plan, but international, which makes the savings even more significant. This even works on Google Fi’s shared plans with up to 5 people.


February statement with bill protection


For example, my base plan only costs $20 per month and then every gigabyte of data usage is $10/GB. I’ve been traveling for most of the month, so I’ve been using my Google Fi phone heavily to tether to my Macbook. As you can see in the billing info above, I surpassed my 6GB of data but was only charged $60.


Bottom Line 

If you’re a power user and having an android phone is not an issue, then you should seriously consider looking into Google Fi’s service. This is not a sponsored post. I honestly just love the service, and I know you guys will too. Use my referral code for $20 off your first statement.


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  1. Ben says:

    One important piece missing: There is a throttle limit at 15GB of data usage per line in a month, at which time your speed drops to 256kbps. If you want to opt-out of that speed, then you’re paying $10 per 1GB over that 15GB cap.

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