[Giveaway] United Club Lounge One-Time Passes

Stefanie G. was selected as the winner of the two United passes. Thanks for all your responses! There will be another giveaway soon 🙂 


We are always looking for reader input. What is your #1 bucket list destination? We have up for grabs a pair of United Club passes, which expire on 5/31/18. Check here for a list of United Club Lounges.


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To enter, simply do the following:

  • Comment on this post below letting us know what your #1 bucket list destination is!
  • We’ll choose a winner Wednesday morning.


Terms & Conditions:

  1. We will choose an entry at random
  2. One entry per person
  3. No entries after 11:59PM EST on 6/20/17 will be accepted. The winner will be announced Wednesday morning 6/21/17.
  4. United Airlines does not sponsor this giveaway


Good luck!


130 Responses

  1. Doug Spink says:


  2. jcarmstrong23 says:


  3. Steven Svoboda says:

    New Zealand

  4. Janice Brandt says:


  5. Greg Harris says:


  6. Try ABA says:


  7. Jason Lawson says:


  8. Jacob Frahm says:


  9. Bri McLarty says:


  10. Aleks says:

    New Zealand

  11. Brett Early says:

    Zao Fox Village, Japan!

  12. Stefanie Green says:

    Ireland and we’re going in August via United!

  13. Lindsey Bode says:


  14. Christopher Muller says:


  15. Angie Bissen says:

    Mediterranean cruise

  16. Earl Brtek says:

    Finland ????????

  17. Blanca Ibarra says:


  18. Adam Gilliam says:

    New Zealand!

  19. Alex Jonson says:


  20. Nadime Castellanos says:

    The Maldives ❤️

  21. Tom Burton says:

    The Amalfi Coast

  22. Rye Gentleman says:

    Iceland – to stay in a bubble hotel.

  23. mellylo7 says:


  24. Anouvong Ly says:


  25. Noreen Khan says:


  26. Omair Khan says:


  27. Seema Khan says:


  28. Aisha Khan says:


  29. Dania Barye says:

    Kenya during the wildabeast migration

  30. Muneeb Rehman says:


  31. Amy says:


  32. ijif81 says:

    New Zealand

  33. Bryan Helminiak says:


  34. Sarah Niaz-Shah says:


  35. Erica N Wingfield says:


  36. Matt says:


  37. Robert Niehoff says:


  38. abridgeman1105 says:

    Split, Croatia

  39. Roger Tiger Leung says:


  40. Jesse Thomas McCann says:

    Addis Abeba

  41. Alec Storms says:

    New Zealand

  42. Mackenzie Smith says:


  43. Christine McCabe says:


  44. Erin Newton says:


  45. Jackson says:

    Antarctica, but for some reason I doubt United has a lounge there.

  46. Ryan Davis says:


  47. Chris Wilkerson says:

    New Zealand! Wish it wasn’t so expensive to go from the US!

  48. Victor M López Álvarez says:


  49. Jake K says:

    I want to make it to Europe soon!

  50. Cordell Hayes says:


  51. Ashlena Spears says:


  52. Kiana Medina says:

    Italy ????

  53. Brian Beitzel says:


  54. Ashley Small says:


  55. Steve Downs says:


  56. Daniel Ridge says:

    South Africa!

  57. nandini says:

    South Africa!

  58. Trish Dillon says:

    Bora Bora is my bucket list – I never see good deals on airfare to that location so hard to plan without good deals!

  59. Courtney Byrd says:

    My -#1 bucket list destination is the Maldives!!!!

  60. Elliott Bowles says:

    Hong Kong would have to be mine!

  61. Paul McCullough says:

    Lisbon Portugal.. Beautiful beaches and great food!!

  62. Richa Mutreja says:


  63. Michelle Amanda Cantave says:


  64. Ionut-George Constantin says:

    United to Orlando from Seattle and back in September! Can hardly wait for it! If we get to also use the club lounge pass that would be a first time access in a lounge and… amazing! 😀

  65. Robert Carlson says:

    Banff/Lake Louise

  66. Stephanie Tom says:

    Equador is mine!

  67. Jay Singh says:

    Mongolia 🙂

  68. Grandma'sgirl says:

    Brussels, Belgium is top of my bucket list!

  69. Dennis V says:

    Sydney, Australia

  70. Maggie Miller says:

    New Zealand and Australia!!

  71. Joshua Corbin says:

    Greece-I hear its beautiful!

  72. Nicole Weyandt says:


  73. MtkaLiz says:

    The list is soooo long. Right now number one is Stockholm, Sweden. Followed closely by Nelson, New Zealand….and then there’s Aukland, too. But really, South America (say Quito, Equador or Montevideo, Uruguay) is just a hair below….. UGH!!! GIMME a PLANE!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Nicole Fields Pucci says:

    Singing to the choir I think, another vote for Australia and New Zealand.

  75. Jamie Ofsthun says:

    I want to set foot in every country!

  76. Andy Blommer says:

    I would have to say Munich Germany! Hope to make it there in 2018.

  77. Shirley G says:

    I don’t have just one: New Zealand, Australia, Antarctica, French Polynesian Islands, Maldives, Seychelles. I’d be happy with any or all.

  78. Libbie says:


  79. Christine Culp says:

    Siem Reap!

  80. Marvin Wensman says:

    Phuket, Thailand!!!!!!

  81. Tara Joseph says:

    Morrocco <3

  82. Jill Azocar says:


  83. Hoy K says:

    reykjavik iceland

  84. Caroline Walker says:


  85. Jeremy says:


  86. Ravi Sekhar says:


  87. Marcus Jones says:

    Spain, Germany or anywhere outside of USA

  88. sanzaru13 says:


  89. Thuphuong N Le says:

    Sri Lanka ????????

  90. Maryann Meza says:

    Marrakech, Teotuan, Tangier, anywhere in Morocco!

  91. Bob D says:

    Cape Town, South Africa

  92. Emily says:

    Greece is #1 on my bucket list!

  93. Al Korn says:

    Easter Island…

  94. Alex Schierman says:

    Norway and Sweden someday soon!

  95. Kim B says:

    My bucket list trip would be an around-the-world!

  96. Armetrice Cabine says:

    Australia is definitely on my bucket list, but I fear I may never make it there. ????

  97. Brian Anderson says:

    Tanzania for an African safari!

  98. Diane Hofacker says:

    On my bucket list – Spain, Italy, Greese, Ireland, Alaska, Burmuda. Too many to mention.

  99. CarolSue Ayala says:

    Enjoy thriftytraveler as I’m always looking for a travel deal. I have been to 50 countries in the past 5 years. My bucket list currently is an exquisit African safari. I wanna win!

  100. Kelsey T says:

    South Pacific: Bora Bora, Tahiti, Moorea!

  101. Thayer says:

    Naoshima Island, Japan!

  102. Tash Pats says:

    Eastern Europe (Prague, Budapest and Kotor and any other areas we can go to!)

  103. Caitlin Sullivan says:

    South Africa ????????

  104. Jodi Bonham says:

    Sooo many destinations I want to travel to, but my #1 bucket list destination is Italy!!! Been accumulating & saving up frequent flier miles for awhile now…it WILL happen someday!!!

  105. Shoua Vang says:


  106. Sharon Jean says:

    New Zealand!

  107. Jackie Seivert says:

    So many places to see, buy my #1 bucket list destination is Antarctica.

  108. Kinie says:

    Cinque Terre

  109. Chris Wilkerson says:

    New Zealand!

  110. Natalie Tavarez says:

    #1 bucket list Venice!!

  111. Haley Marie says:

    Australia and Scotland! Heading to New Zealand in October!!

  112. Jamie Myers says:

    Too many to choose… probably Rio De Janeiro!

  113. jshueh says:

    bora bora!

  114. John Smith says:

    Quebec City, QC, Canada.

  115. Katie Kowal says:


  116. Alex Helin says:


  117. Kathryn Okenatez-Mahoney says:

    Dining my way across Asia! Flexible on the starting point so I can Thrifty Travel! ????

  118. Garrett Brooks says:

    A safari in Africa would be awesome! That and Italy which we are doing in January thanks to Thrifty traveler!

  119. bellabee says:

    Canary Islands and Denmark at Christmas time!! ❤

  120. Randy N Conda Conrad says:

    Paris is still top of the list for me

  121. Olga Gimbel says:

    Bora Bora and the Maldives

  122. Susan says:


  123. Cole Rued says:


  124. Tessa says:


  125. maa89 says:

    New Zealand.

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