[Giveaway] Qatar Airways Bric’s Amenity Bag

Update: Missy Wright was chosen as the winner of the Bric’s amenity bag! Don’t worry we’ll be back next week with another giveaway!


We’re giving away a Qatar Airways Bric’s Amenity bag from our recent A350 Business Class flight from New York to Doha, Qatar. The amenity bag includes Castello Monte Vibiano Facial Mist, lip balm, anti-aging moisturizer as well as an eyeshade, and compression socks. Amenity bags work great to store all your electronic cords and chargers.



To enter, simply comment on this post below with the following info:

  • What U.S. departure cities aren’t getting enough flight deal love on Thrifty Traveler?


Terms & Conditions:

  1. We will choose an entry at random.
  2. One entry per person.
  3. No entries after 11:59PM EST on 5/17/17 will be accepted. The winner will be announced Thursday morning 5/18/17.
  4. Qatar Airways does not sponsor this giveaway.


Good luck!


78 Responses

  1. Mia says:

    I would love to see more Thrifty Traveler deals on International flights out of Denver, DIA.

  2. Kelsey T says:

    As a Minneapolis resident I love this site because of the great love we get but would love to see more MSP departures on premium! 🙂

  3. Hankfiji says:

    I would like to see more flight deals from the smaller airports around MSP like Des Moines or Rochester. We recently booked a flight to Scotland from Rochester for around $450.

  4. Kara Pipes says:

    I would love to see more deals anywhere in Minnesota and Illinois.

  5. courtney byrd says:

    I would love to win this this looks awesome!!! It was really come in handy for my flight to South Africa IN COACH this fall 🙂

  6. sanzaru13 says:

    Being in the NJ area, I really appreciate all the NYC flight deals that you find! Any way you could include the airport codes in the titles, seeing as I’d be more interested in the EWR deals?

  7. Tyler says:

    Salt Lake City!!!

  8. Ellie says:


  9. Kara T. says:

    Minneapolis….to multi-city trips in Europe!

  10. Lindsey Bode says:

    Would like to see more MSP on premium as well. Really want to go to Australia and a Pacific island next year. ????

  11. Marlene says:


  12. Tiffany says:

    More NYC locations please! I keep seeing flights from other areas so I end up forwarding them out to friends but I don’t see as many myself.

  13. Matthew says:

    More Austin departures

  14. Michelle Luth says:

    Atlanta!! I need to find a cheap flight from MSP to Atlanta!

  15. Heather B. says:

    More Albany, NY please 🙂

  16. Sheila BlackPearl Alexander says:

    Austin, TX

  17. Kmikrot says:

    Minneapolis could use more love

  18. John Filcik says:

    More Philadelphia departures please!!

  19. Allison Koch says:

    Minneapolis hasn’t been having much attention recently!

  20. jcarmstrong23 says:

    Jacksonville, Fl

  21. mellylo7 says:


  22. Karrissa Doree says:

    crazy so many people say MSP since that’s where you’re based out of. I see them every day!

    I would always welcome more deals flying out from SEA. it’s one of the most expensive airports to fly out of!!

    luckily I got wind of that CN article, and booked my first ever out of country trip to Venice next March. thank you for all the work you do! $1200 for two round-trip from SEA is unbelievable.

  23. Kathleen H says:

    Tampa would be a great addition! Though mentioned occasionally, it is rare to see it on there. Flights tend to be very expensive through here, so any help in finding great deals is always appreciated!

  24. Andrew says:

    More International flights from MSP would be nice. A lot of the daily ones posted are domestic and the ones sent out on Premium don’t usually list MSP for international destinations.

  25. Samantha Barriga says:

    AUS would be great. I have been waiting for a flight from MSP to AUS or vice versa

  26. Aaron 'Bear' Rawleigh says:

    Any good deals MSP to Australia, mate?

  27. Sharjeel Durrani says:

    More for NYC! Run a report on where the bulk of your users are located and their preferred regions – I’d venture a guess that NYC is high on both lists.

  28. Patrick McCaffrey says:

    MSP to southeast Asia.

  29. Cuba Chick says:

    Los Angeles!!!

  30. Missy Wright says:

    love that there’s always a MSP deal. Thats where I would be flying from!

  31. Gabriel Eckers says:

    Charleston, SC!

  32. Alais De Hoogh says:

    What U.S. departure cities aren’t getting enough flight deal love on Thrifty Traveler?
    San Jose, CA

  33. Alais De Hoogh says:

    What U.S. departure cities aren’t getting enough flight deal love on Thrifty Traveler?
    Saint Louis, MO

  34. Rebecca Park says:

    I see deals on MSP everyday, but doesn’t hurt to see more 🙂 Since majority of the time I fly to LAX to go over seas, it would be awesome to see MSP to LAX deals! or MSP to any major hub!!

  35. Minneapolis says:


  36. Bisaya Abdullahi says:


  37. Rahim Rahim says:

    houston doesnt get enough love on departure cities

  38. Christopher Jones says:

    I would love to see more from IAD, but I’m just as happy to see deals out of BOS or JFK 🙂

  39. JAY says:

    Not enough or any deals for Indianapolis

    Airport code: IND

  40. Rochelle Belle says:

    Show more San Diego departures ????????????

  41. Paige says:

    The more MSP departures the better! Thanks!

  42. Danny Batiansila says:

    Show more RDU departures please!

  43. Jordan Craig says:

    IAD and BWI needs some TT love.

  44. Lew says:

    My favorite airport is Iad. More deals please.

  45. Jasmine Millican says:

    Houston, tx

  46. Susan says:

    IAD, pleaseeeeee?

  47. Ian Hanson says:

    I have to agree, all the love on MSP is much appreciated!

  48. Burgy says:

    MSP to any major Delta hub…. Helps with those pesky positioning flights!

  49. Liz Royer says:

    More love and flights for Denver, Co!

  50. Tom McDonough says:

    Looks like you have a great MSP following. Only way to survive the long winter here is to escape… so please more MSP deals. Thanks!!!

  51. Linda Haas says:

    The more deals out of MSP the better. Specifically from MSP to New Zealand, Australia, Maldives, Tahiti, and Argentina.

  52. Alex Helin says:

    Obviously MSP, but other midwest cities would be great! You’d corner that market!

    CVG, ORD, CMH and IND all come to mind!

  53. Natalya Brown says:

    Phoenix could use more deals!!

  54. Megan C says:

    Austin and the pacific NW!! Flights from the west coast to Australia/Oceania too would be great!

  55. Martin Nguyen says:

    We need more MSP deals 🙁 give me that MSP -> TYO !

  56. ASEG says:

    Philly. City of Brotherly Love could certainly use more thriftytraveler love!

  57. Geoff Kuchera says:

    Would live to see more San Francisco love.

  58. Larry says:

    Help find some escapes from Chicago(all airports), STL, any place between, upto and including Indy, please

  59. Sarah Warth says:


  60. Perhaps RST? With United joining and a fair number of international travelers for a smaller airport, could be interesting!

  61. Korynthian says:

    Would love to hear more about flight’s from MSP

  62. MinhTri Lam says:

    Definitely more from MSP, please

  63. LeAnn Harbert says:

    Maybe Atlanta?

  64. Julia Phillips says:


  65. Tracie Cooper says:

    How about Thailand?? My email is [email protected]

  66. Anouvong Ly says:

    Detroit, Michigan

  67. jumpin jack flash says:

    Austin(domestic and international) and Denver(international)

  68. Ekaterina Gorban says:

    Portland, OR (PDX)

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