[Giveaway] Journey OF410 Overhead Travel Guitar

Update 11/17/16: Nirel was randomly selected as the winner! Thanks for entering!


Yesterday, we reviewed the Journey OF410 Overhead Travel Guitar. Following our review, Journey Instruments was kind enough to let us offer the beautiful guitar to one of our readers (MSRP $589). To enter, follow the directions below. A winner for the Journey Overhead Guitar will be selected on Wednesday, November 16th.




To enter, complete the following:

  • Sign-up for the Thrifty Traveler email newsletter
  • Sign-up for the Journey Instruments email newsletter
  • Comment on this post below, letting us know where you’d like to travel with your new Journey guitar!


Terms & Conditions:

  1. We will choose an entry at random
  2. Entrants must sign-up for both the Thrifty Traveler and Journey Instruments newsletter
  3. Comments must be on this website post (not on Facebook)
  4. One entry per person
  5. No entries after 11:59PM ET on 11/16/16 will be accepted. The winner will be announced Friday morning 11/17/16


Good Luck and share with your friends via Facebook & Twitter!



  • Elias

    I’d like to travel somewhere outside of the US with this, given the recent news. Also, I’m not sure I was able to sign up for the Journey newsletter. It keeps saying ‘Oops. Something went wrong. Please try again later.’

    Are other people having this same issue?

  • Heather Athey

    I’d like to travel to Nashville with my husband!

  • Andrew Falkowski

    I’d LOVE to travel with the Journey travel guitar!

  • thewallbanger

    Like Elias, I’m also having trouble signing up for the Journey Newsletter. But I’d really like to strum a guitar on the beach in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

  • Ataro Shoji-Vallin

    I would like to bring this guitar, and start a project across South America by integrating their local sounds with the guitar strings to build cultural bridges.

  • sanzaru13

    I’ve got no luck signing up for the Journey Newsletter either. I would love to bring this guitar to “Keep Austin Weird” and be influenced by the live music scene there.

  • Timothy

    Would love to travel anywhere with this guitar!!

  • Ernie Krause

    I’ll bring it to Chicago, I go there frequently.

  • Mena Vue

    I cannot sign up for Journey Newsletter for some odd reasons.
    But I would love to take this guitar with me on my vacation to Hawaii in January!

  • Melissa Bechthold

    Hello. Thanks for doing this offer! I would LOVE to travel to Africa, go on safari in the wide open wilderness with the beautiful and powerful animals. Thank you! Melissa.

  • John Plessas

    I will take this beautiful guitar on my upcoming cruise and serenade the other passengers. Maybe they will give me a job!! Also I have trip planned to the Galapagos Islands next year, do you think the blue-footed bobbies like a little classic rock?? I do! Also I could not sign up at the Journey Instrument website either

  • Zach smith

    I’d take it with me all across Europe, which I’ll be signing up for through thrifty traveler!

  • AddictedNewbie675

    I would travel to Spain with the guitar and learn Flamenco.

  • Nick Serati

    Hi all. Just a quick update. We are aware of the issue with the Journey Instruments news letter. We are working with them to get this resolved as quickly as we possibly can. Thanks for your patience!

    • Talia Johnson

      I added myself by going through their contact form page and checked the box for adding myself to the newsletter.

  • Megan Gonyo

    I’d probably fly out to Montana and then start a road trip through the National Parks heading south. For some reason when I think about vast landscapes I think about art and music videos. Having that guitar with me would make the trip that much more enjoyable!

  • Bryan

    No dice on signing up for the Journey newsletter, but avid thrifty traveler. Journey Instruments packages the guitar very well and that would allow me to start bringing it with me on my work trips.

  • disqus_OLWWKkpCXN

    I play guitar and travel learn uke for the size to take instrament with me this guitar would be perfect for me

  • Alicia

    I would like to take this guitar to Morocco!

  • Marissa

    I’ve just begun learning to play this year, and I would absolutely love to travel back to Venice with my family early next year – this time with a Journey guitar!

  • Kayla

    I would take this guitar to Sweden and then to Greece!!!!

  • Mike Reagan

    Very cool! BTW I signed up no problem with Journey. And of course I was already a subscriber to Thrifty Traveler. 🙂

  • Talia Johnson

    I would travel to Bali and lounge in a hammock while strumming the guitar.

  • chris

    Woohoo! I would love to win this!

  • Joyana


  • Pauline Trinh

    Would love to win this and go to New Orleans where the food is spicy and the music is dreamy.

  • Stan Stepnowski

    I would take this home for Christmas…flying with my spouse and two small kids doesn’t leave much room!

  • Nirel

    My partner and I would take the guitar on a camping trip in the mountains of Azores (Portuguese islands) and jam out together under the stars, overlooking the lake that glimmers in the moonlight. Thanks for this opportunity! Love the Thrifty Traveler emails.

    • Nirel you’ve won the Journey OF410 Overhead Travel Guitar! Message me at [email protected] with your shipping information. Thanks!

      • Nirel

        Thanks so much!! I will email you my shipping info today.

  • CaribGyal34

    I would like to travel to Havana, Cuba with my guitar!

  • Leonor Linares

    I would love to take this guitar up the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and listen to my husband play Simon & Garfunkel’s El Condor Pasa at the Temple of the Condor.

  • Phyllis Welsh

    I would bring it with me to Atlanta whenever I visit my sister! We often play gigs together and it’d be a great way to supply my own instrument 🙂

  • Charlotte Orren

    Thank you for this opportunity to win a special guitar!

  • Grace

    I would love a perfect travel guitar!????????

  • Dodge Pena

    I need ma keytar

  • geeare

    I need a good travel guitar to take to New Zealand.

  • Allison Koch

    Practicing while road tripping!!

  • Gaushua Xiong

    I would like to travel to Paris with my new Journey guitar!

  • Tchoua Xiong

    I’d play the guitar on the beautiful sandy beaches of Maui under a gorgeous sunset! I love how the travel guitar can easily be reassemble and disassemble! So cool and unique!

  • MK

    Back to New Zealand to see all my kiwis!

  • Ginny

    I would love to take this guitar with me to Hawaii!

  • Sung

    Road trip to Arizona

  • Ann Yang

    It would mean the world to me if I could win Journey’s awesome Overhead Travel Guitar. I’d bring it with me to my home country, Thailand, in December, and play it on the beautiful mountaintops for my family over there. Music runs deep in our family!

  • Ernie Krause

    Who won this?