[Giveaway] Four Delta “Have One on Us” Drink Coupons

We have up for grabs four Delta “Have One On Us” drink coupons good for a complimentary beer, cocktail, or wine. Make sure you’re flying before year-end as the coupons expire December 31, 2016. Contest ends Monday night at midnight!


To enter, simply comment below on this post and provide the following information:

  • What is your favorite winter destination?


Terms & Conditions:

  1. We will choose an entry at random
  2. One entry per person
  3. No entries after 11:59PM ET on 10/17/16 will be accepted. The winner will be announced Tuesday morning 10/18/16
  4. Delta does not sponsor this giveaway




  • Mackenzie VanSickle

    My favorite winter destinations this year are Hawaii and New Zealand!

  • Crystal

    Puerto Rico!

  • Melanie Benton

    Hawaii!! We are taking my parents to Maui for Thanksgiving this year!

  • Alex Helin

    Park City, UT for the skiing!

  • I loved my winter getaway to Barbados – even in December the weather was so warm. I had a blast snorkeling at the shipwrecks, swimming with the turtles and eating lots of fish cakes and drinking rum!

    • Never been yet! It’s on sale quite a bit and Mrs. TT and I need to get down there. What rum drinks are the most popular? I could go for one right now 🙂

  • Ataro Shoji-Vallin

    San Diego, CA for the beaches and nice mixture of Mexican culture!

  • Ashley

    Soon to be Phuket, Thailand! I am going on a mother daughter trip there next month, and we cannot wait to get to some warmer weather and we cannot wait to have some mother:daughter bonding time in paradise!

    • Never been. I’ve heard incredible things. Looks beautiful. Have a blast!

  • Sara Cho

    lake tahoe california for some good snowboarding!

  • Mick Chester

    Perth, Australia! Flying Delta’s fair mistake from this April that you posted!

    • Awesome! I wanted to book the same flight. I love a cheap mistake fare!

  • Jake H

    cocoa beach florida!

  • Heather Athey

    Pretty much anywhere warm 🙂

  • Nicole Berg

    Sydney, Australia! Absolutely loved it there and cannot wait to plan my next adventure there!

  • Kelly Schultz

    Magical Steamboat, CO!

  • Annie Truong

    Southern Cali to spend the holidays with the family. AND being from MN—-anywhere above negative zero 🙂

    • This winter doesn’t sound warm. Better book a couple trips!

  • Andrew F


  • Faruq Karim

    London, England!

  • Leah

    Banff National Park, Canada! Heading there in a month!

    • We were there in August! Enjoy the snow! Incredibly beautiful.

  • Kelsey Moe Mealey

    Texas is usually our winter destination to see friends and warm up!

  • Todd Maddox

    Auckland, New Zealand!

  • Kendra

    Anywhere above freezing!! 🙂

  • Margaret Estevez

    Anywhere sunny and warm. Havent been, but have wanted to visit Brazil during our winter here in FL.

  • Shannon

    London! Really excited to go off-season and enjoy the sights and the foggy weather it’s become so famous for!

    • Shannon

      going for just over $400 thanks to TT!!

      • Awesome! Off-season is great. Small crowds and easy to get into restaurants!

  • Caitlin Sime

    Cancun! But I’m flying Delta to Barcelona next month. Thank you thrifty traveler for alerting me about the $600 R/T tickets!

    • Have a blast in Barcelona! We were there earlier this year. Make sure to buy all your tickets to see things in online in advance. Highly recommend Sagrada Familia and Casa Batlo. At Casa Batlo they give you a smart guide phone thing which is incredible. Crazy high tech stuff (not joking)!

  • bruce

    New York City. Yep, it’s cold, but few tourists and easy to score theater tickets and restaurant reservations. And they even have a Restaurant Week at the end of January. And I’ll be flying Delta this year, so those drink coupons would come in handy!

    • I was unaware of restaurant week! Mrs. TT and will be there in January or February this year. Appreciate the tip!

  • Krista U

    Waco to get some sun and shop at Magnolia Market!

  • Shayna B.

    St. Maarten/Martin! Can’t get enough of those island vibes.

    • Hope you head to the beach bar by airport. Watch some planes land and take off. That’s what a AV geek like me would do!

  • Thayer

    Puerto Vallarta! Warm air and cold drinks.

  • Cynthia

    Germany! Really excited to go this winter and check out the Christmas markets!

    • We love Germany as well. Bavaria in particular. Have a great time!

  • TravelDeb

    Paris, any season

  • Tova P

    Thailand/Australia!!! Loved summer so much I’m enjoying it again!

  • Eskander Morkos


  • SoloTravelGoals

    I’m a big fan of somewhere warm like Bali!

  • Brianna Butler

    South Carolina!!

  • Eliana Álvarez Martínez

    The caribbean!! 🙂

  • Joe Burns

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a1df0fb7e57dbb8fd101fec9f195d0e7a9e793c053a5923ba35b924f8d89826d.jpg Unlike some of the others here, my favorite winter destination headed north from Minneapolis up to Cable, Wisconsin — Cabin Life! Thrifty Traveler is helping be able to branch out and fly to new places.

    Helped me get a $520 ticket to Hawaii – going on Wednesday!

    • Hope you had a great time in Hawaii! Mrs. TT’s family has a place near Hayward, WI! #lakelife

  • Darren La Page

    I love Central America!

  • Andrew

    St. John in November was great–perfect water temperature, just enough rain to be refreshing, and not very crowded

  • Jeffery Ostrem

    Puerto Vallarta!!

    • Any place in particular? Mrs. TT and I are huge fans of the Hyatt Ziva on points.

  • Erin Kelleher

    Home! Winter away from family always makes my husband and I a bit homesick so we love traveling to Orlando or St. Louis to spend time with everyone 🙂

    • Same here. We’d love to travel but it would be tough to leave family. Thanks for sharing.

  • Michael Harlan Turkell

    Snowy Michigan for the most macked mac and cheese at the Clarkston Union.

  • Alyssa Nicole

    Anywhere with a beach, but Hawaii never disappoints!

  • Phillip Barry

    Puerto Rico!

  • Scott VanSickle

    My favorite winter destination would definitely be Hawaii! Can’t wait to go again!

  • Bridgette

    Not sure yet but I think it’s going to be Iceland! I’ll let you know in a couple weeks!

  • Paul Grieve

    Northern Michigan! I love snow!

  • Emily Gornick

    The Carribean!

  • Ilaa


  • Khadeejah Clemons

    Phi Phi Islands! <3

  • Bridge Leigh

    I love mountains in the winter. Switzerland, Colorado, Montana – it’s all breathtaking.

    • Can’t agree more! Love all three. Just wish switzerland was cheaper, but it’s definitely worth it!

  • AnnMarie

    Cozumel for diving!

  • Micah Freeman

    Any and everywhere warm and tropical

  • Sara Londo

    Telluride for skiing or Hawaii for some sunshine + salt water!

  • Wp

    Las Vegas

  • Joe


  • Megan Peaslee

    The beach!

  • Jenny Hoang

    Anywhere, as long as I’m with good company. ????

  • Timothy Rivera

    City of Boston! The Christmas lights, ice skating, the weather. Love it there!

  • Louise Shumate

    Germany for the Christmas Markets

    • Any christmas market in particular? I love Bavaria and want to go for the holidays one of these years.

  • Freda Reed

    Hawaii or Montego Bay are my favorite winter destinations.

  • Brad Bergaus

    Destin, Florida!!!!!

  • Kennedy Carey


  • Robert Cabassa

    Puerto Rico!

  • Lori klopfenstein


  • Nina

    Lima, Peru

  • Ess

    Love Manila!

  • Mai

    Any hawaiian island!

  • Lindsay Henning

    I’ve never been but would love to go to Costa Rica!

  • Krystie Phannareth


  • Valentina Zapata


  • Susan

    Cancun! Direct flight has me out of the snow and on the beach before lunchtime!

    • Mrs. TT and I will be heading to direct Cancun in January! Can’t beat a nonstop flight.

  • Rachel Nygaard

    Southern France, though this year we’re heading to Barcelona first!

    • I like your style Rachel! Mrs. TT shares your love for Southern France.

  • Ariahna


  • Christian Whitey Pokrywka


  • John

    Caribbean, anywhere!

  • Matt Noam

    Costa Rica!

  • Greg Brian

    fort lauderdale!

  • MsSoonerGirl

    Anywhere with a warm and sunny beach!

  • Chris Eshnaur

    Breckenridge Colorado!

  • Maria

    Anywhere other than the cold. Phoenix, AZ is a good one!

  • Shavonne Robinson

    Key West, FL

  • RRM

    Palm Springs

  • Kelly Bisbee

    Jackson Hole, WY – the best skiing, people, and pizza (at pinky G’s)!! And looks like winter already started, almost a foot of snow already!

  • Karita

    Los Angeles, enough said

  • Judith

    home for the holidays in MI

  • javier


    • Never heard of it before. Just googled it. Looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  • Dan Spa

    Jamaica mon