[Giveaway] Four Delta “Have One on Us” Drink Coupons

Update 3/29: Adam Cousley was selected as the winner! There will be plenty of other giveaways in the next couple months so keep following Thrifty Traveler!


This is the first giveaway we’ve had here at Thrifty Traveler! We have up for grabs four Delta “Have One On Us” drink coupons good for a complimentary beer, cocktail, or wine.


To enter, simply comment on this post and provide the following information:

  • What destination do you most want to see featured in our Flight Deals?


Terms & Conditions:

  1. We will choose an entry at random.
  2. One entry per person.
  3. No entries after 11:59PM EST on 3/28/16 will be accepted. The winner will be announced Tuesday morning 3/29/16.
  4. Delta does not sponsored this giveaway.


Good luck!


  • Marie Justice

    Chicago to Los Angeles, roundtrip!!!

  • Emerson Naylor

    New York to South Africa (Johannesburg or Cape Town)

  • Mackenzie VanSickle

    MSP to New Zealand!

    • I also want to fly this route! There are very few sales to NZ and most are from LAX or DFW. Using American AAdvantage points is also a good way to get there. Think about using a positioning flight when a flight deal comes up!

  • Codi_Cathleen

    Minneapolis to Lihue!!!!!!!!!

  • Jon Deyoung

    MSP to Anchorage

    • Jon, that route is a great candidate for a SkyMiles redemption. Six hour flight is only 25k – 30k SkyMiles!

  • Terry L. Mitchem

    myr to pbi

  • Terry L. Mitchem

    myr to cdg

    • If you can get to Charlotte you can save quite a bit on that flight!

  • Sara Cho

    Lax to Buenos aires

    • Argentina just announced they are dropping their Visa fees today! I’ll keep an eye out for sales.

  • frattylight

    MSP to LGA

    • We feature this route often. Sun Country is great for flights to LGS, BOS, DCA!

  • John

    Den to LAS

    • John, that’s a great route for a Southwest points redemption. LAS is a big SW hub. That’s what I usually do!

  • Nikki Braaten

    Msp to Austin,TX

    • Mrs. TT and I recently took that exact route! Flew on Southwest points. There aren’t too many sales otherwise.

      • Nikki Braaten

        Thanks – this is good to know! 🙂

  • J Matthew Hawkins

    RDU – CDG

    • I expect some sales to Paris this summer. Might have to get to Dulles in DC for the best sales though!

  • Kinie

    Tampa or Orlando to Seychelles!

    • Your best bet would be to get to NYC or Boston for that one! Fly Qatar, Etihad or Emirates.

      • Kinie

        I missed that Emeritus sale on 2 tickets by 3 minutes for Orlando to Dubai.
        I was inputting our info and price changed after I pressed enter 🙁
        I going with a friend for her B-day 9/21 – 9/28 (dates are flexible) I know we are months out but i dont want the price to skyrocket while waiting.
        Do you think that will have that sale again before then??

  • Rosemarie Cha

    Nyc to Uruguay

    • Lucky you being in NYC! Best flight deals in the world. I’ll keep an eye out! Brazil is always on sale as another close option!

  • Marisa Kowalsky

    MSP to Nashville

  • Rory Sullivan

    New Orleans to Puerto Rico

    • That seems like a good candidate for Southwest points? Get that companion pass Rory!

  • Melanie Benton

    BWI or PHL to Australia!

    • Melanie, I’ve always looking! NYC or Boston seems to have the most flight deals to Australia.

  • Jessie Wilton

    Definitely MSP to Cape Town, South Africa!

    • Jessie, take advantage of the Qatar deal today! Flights out to Boston on Sun Country are cheap. That’s what I’m doing.

  • Young

    MSP to Cancun (in the September/October/November timeframe)!

  • Tammy M

    Bora Bora please!

  • Adam Cousley

    RDU – CDG

    • I expect some sales to Paris this summer. Might have to get to Dulles in DC or NYC/PHL/BOS for the best sales though!

  • Kendall

    MSP to Barcelona! Just booked a trip to Turks and Caicos because of your site!! Thank you!

    • Great to hear Kendall! Mrs. TT and I are headed to Barcelona in April! We used American Airlines points. Cheap and easy redemption!

      Otherwise I’d expect some Delta sales to Madrid and Barcelona this summer. You may need to get to Chicago or NYC to save the most money though!

  • I want to see NYC to South Africa!

    • Torio

      Danielle, Qatar Airlines is running a GREAT airfare from NYC JFK to Johannesburg, with dates throughout 2016 – 2017!

      • Can you send me the link – please!

        • Torio

          Amazing deal: USA to Africa and return to Europe flight roundtrip as low as $376.

          New York, Boston, Dallas, Chicago, Houston



          Departures: April – May, November 2016 – January 2017
          Returns: April-May, November 2016 – January 2017

          Use multi city search in Pricelineor Momondo. No dates, as you can play with dates in Google Flights, and there are so many routes and combinations.

          The prices differ, but no more than $550 total. Which is great, considering that flights are operated by Qatar airlines.

          Consider Norwegian and WOW airlines to return from Europe.


          Houston – Johannesburg – Amsterdam for $465

          Houston – Johannesburg – Madrid for $485

          Chicago – Johannesburg – Paris for $508

          Chicago – Johannesburg – Berlin for $445

          Boston – Johannesburg-Rome for $414

          Boston – Johannesburg – Venice for $414

          New York – Johannesburg – Milan for $461

          New York – Johannesburg for $461

  • Joseph Cataulin

    Jacksonville, FL to New York City!

    • Hey Joseph, that sounds like a great airport for a JetBlue sale! Smaller regional airports are tougher!

  • Christian Whitey Pokrywka

    Midwest/East Coast to New Zealand! 🙂

    • I’m looking for NZ too! You might need to sneak over to DFW or the west coast to get in on a sale for NZ.

  • Mark Billingsley

    I second Midwest->New Zealand!! Specifically Minneapolis to Wellington

    • Mark, this is favorite based on the responses! You might need to sneak down to DFW or the west coast to get in on a sale for NZ.

  • Erica Skinner

    I would love to see IAH or HOU to anywhere!!

    • Erica, I posted a great sale to Hong Kong from Houston today! There will be many more!

  • ATL to Bangkok

  • Lynn

    Love to see any great deals flying out of MSP

    • You’ve come to the right place! If there is a deal out of MSP, you’ll definitely see it posted here!

  • ORD to BKK!!

    • Might be possible. More sales to BKK from the west coast though! I’ll keep an eye out for you.

  • Torio

    What destination do you most want to see featured in our Flight Deal?

    I would like to see featured Flight Deals from Atlanta to the Caribbean and to African countries. Thank you!

    • ATL does not have nearly enough sales! For being Delta’s main hub sales are scarce.

  • Ron

    MSP to SFO!

    • Ron, keep an eye out for Sun Country sales! We’ll post them here of course.

  • Allyson

    Either WAS to Maldives or Australia.

  • Venkatesh Hegde

    Denver to other places!

    • You can always come visit Minneapolis! It’s always on sale! $117 – 136 last time I checked!

      Or that great deal to Hong Kong that was posted today!

  • Julie

    Fargo to Austin, TX! New granddaughter arriving very soon and thinking we will be making many trips that way!

  • Dan Sullivan

    RDU to London

    • Dan, as I told several other RDU posters below, you may have to fly up to DC, BOS, PHL, LAX to save the most cash on a flight deal to London. Good luck!

  • Shari Hasty

    CLT to anywhere

    • Shari, I think you’ll be seeing some great summer sales from CLT soon! Seems to be American sales several times a year.

  • Drinal

    Minneapolis to London or Belize