[Giveaway] Delta One Tumi & Kiehl’s Amenity Bag

Update: Wow guys! Appreciate all the comments and feedback! Eric Thomas has been selected as the winner of the amenity kit.


We’re giving away a Delta One Tumi Amenity bag from our recent Business Class flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis. The amenity bag includes Kiehl’s Lip Balm, Kiehl’s lotion, mouthwash, Tumi pen, socks, eyeshade, earplugs, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Amenity bags work great to store various items including phone and laptop chargers.


To enter, simply comment on this post below with the following info:

  • What international destination do you most want to visit this year?


Terms & Conditions:

  1. We will choose an entry at random.
  2. One entry per person.
  3. No entries after 11:59PM EST on 4/19/17 will be accepted. The winner will be announced Thursday morning 4/20/17.
  4. Delta Air Lines does not sponsor this giveaway.


Good luck!


169 Responses

  1. Lindsey Bode says:


  2. Kelsey T says:

    I have to credit my husband for my pick, his passion for cooking and food has been the source of many of our travel destinations and influenced our wish list. We got married this last fall and splurged on a honeymoon in Spain enjoying Iberico jamon, croquettes, cava and all the wonderful things Spain has to offer and it was fantastic. We decided we will always save up to take at least one big trip a year (which should be even easier now that I’m aware of this site and has signed up with the premium membership!), and are hoping this year to make it to Japan! The food, culture, and beauty makes it #1 on our wish list. We have always loved sushi and recently have become mildly obsessed with ramen and other amazing noodle dishes. Seeing as I am currently pregnant, and I would love to see the cherry blossoms in bloom, we may have to wait until next spring to make it a reality but we are so excited to have found this site and it has become part of my morning routine, we can’t wait to book our first deal!

  3. Gina V. says:

    I am hoping to make it to Ireland this year– seems so relaxing!

  4. Alejandra ochoa says:

    Argentina !

  5. Molly Granzow says:


  6. Meghan M. says:


  7. siouxsig says:

    London to go to the Vikings game!

  8. Tiffany K. says:

    The international destination i want to visit most this year is Italy! It has been my dream to explore that beautiful country!

  9. Rose Pielow says:

    Ireland or Iceland!

  10. Kara T. says:

    Looking forward to getting to Ireland this year!

  11. Gary Bushrod says:

    I want to go to Thailand!

  12. roxie says:

    Planning a group getaway in the Caribbean (DR,Bahamas…etc) ????

  13. Ellie says:

    Chiang Mai!

  14. Susan Lee says:

    I really want to visit south Korea this year or Thailand! Food is life!!

  15. Breanna Strandmark says:

    New Zealand ????????!!

  16. Jeff Mandell says:


  17. Allison Koch says:

    Bangkok, Thailand!

  18. Shoua Vang says:

    Seoul, South Korea

  19. Jenna Fernández says:


  20. Rob Large says:


  21. Kayode Ige says:


  22. Matt Reece says:


  23. Xi Chen says:

    Spain and Italy!

  24. Casey Kelly Sanders says:


  25. Jenny Li says:

    Hong Kong!

  26. MoKa MoKa says:

    Cambodia ???????? ❤️

  27. Janelle Kwock says:

    China and we are thanks to aflight deal from premium!

  28. Todd Maddox says:


  29. hb says:

    South Korea!

  30. sydneyw says:


  31. Christine McCabe says:


  32. Gina D'Ariete says:

    Papua New Guinea????

  33. Annie Truong says:

    Japan!!!! For our honeymoon! ^.^

  34. Lanilani999 says:


  35. lana wright says:


  36. Jenna Kornberg says:


  37. Michele Brusegard says:

    Greenland ????????

  38. Del Lloyd says:


  39. Carolyn says:


  40. Elizabeth Greiter says:


  41. Melanie Benton says:

    New Zealand! I know it probably won’t happen, but a girl can dream!

  42. Meara Lopez says:

    Ireland and Scotland

  43. Melody says:

    South Africa!

  44. Philip Josafat says:


  45. I’d love to fit in Puerto Rico this year!

  46. Mahdi Martin says:

    I want to go to Okinawa, always have!

  47. D.W. Mann says:


  48. Dianna Trahan says:

    Sint Marteen!

  49. Jackson says:


  50. Silviu Chiriac says:


  51. Meredith Galdeen says:

    New Zealand ????????

  52. Cynthia Ngo says:


  53. Ataro Shoji-Vallin says:


  54. Brandon Bevins says:


  55. Mao Vang says:

    Iceland… it’s the hot spot now!

  56. Angie Bissen says:

    Austrailia….but would need a miracle to get there yet this year!

  57. Septhinox says:


  58. Brenda Canales says:


  59. Kim Scott says:


  60. Allyson says:


  61. Eric Thomas says:

    Barcelona, Spain!

  62. JoNae Villeneuve says:


  63. Kevin Christie says:


  64. sanzaru13 says:


  65. Mai Kou Yang says:


  66. Rebecca Park says:

    Never been to France, and always wanted to go!

  67. MotoVlog Flash says:

    Rome, Italy!

  68. Jolene Engelking says:

    Paris! But really probably not for a couple of years until my daughter is older

  69. kelsen says:


  70. Jeremy says:

    Somewhere south of the equator!

  71. Haley says:


  72. Thuphuong N Le says:

    Nepal ????????????

  73. Remi Stone McArthur says:


  74. Meghan Tran says:

    I would love to visit Italy. I flew on KLM by Delta to Dubai last year and these Tumy bags by Delta were given out to first business and first class customers. Great goodies for quick international travel. Thanks for sharing this give away!

  75. Lauren Griffin says:

    Morocco is my #1 goal!

  76. Pamela Powell says:

    I would love to visit Hong Kong.

  77. FreFre Valdez says:

    I really want to go to Cuba this year. Every time we get flight deals, the timing hasn’t worked out!

  78. Tricia Hummel says:


  79. jennny L says:


  80. Thomas McDonough says:

    Bali, It’s the closest thing to going to a different planet.

  81. Lindsey says:

    This is a tough one, but I’m really hoping for Ireland for the second time – or Aruba!

  82. Kira Powell says:

    This is super hard, but I’m going to have to go with Croatia!

  83. Jodi P says:

    The Maldives

  84. KA says:

    I really want to head to Jamaica this year!

  85. Houa says:

    Jeju island!!!

  86. Rochelle Walbridge says:

    I am headed to Jamaica this year – this country has been on my list for a while!

  87. Joshua Chang says:


  88. T Beckwith says:

    Madrid por favor 😉

  89. Samuel Kim says:


  90. Jessica Murray says:

    Hong Kong!!

  91. Kasia says:


  92. Prince JM™ says:


  93. Natalya Brown says:

    My NY resolution is to visit Iceland in 2017!

  94. Kristina Thao says:

    Ireland. ????????

  95. Stacey Mai says:


  96. Christa Martens says:

    South Africa!! I’d so love to check out those wineries : )

  97. Brendan Coughlin says:


  98. courtney byrd says:

    I most want to visit Tahiti this year!!!

  99. Jeanette Quick says:


  100. Omnivivience says:

    Egypt! My glut of Hilton points used for their Category 1 and 2 hotels will get me several nights there!

  101. Brittney_WM says:

    Honestly? I really just want to visit Vancouver. I’ve visited Europe, the Caribbean, and Mexico, but I’ve never visited our neighbor to the north.

  102. Erin Holinka says:

    Italy! But DR for a wedding will do!

  103. MtkaLiz says:


  104. Angie Wright says:

    I’d love to go to Austria

  105. Jessie Wilton says:

    I keep hearing awesome things about Iceland!

  106. Peggy Johnson says:

    I would love to go to Paris this year

  107. Rome Cadet says:

    Colombo Sri Lanka

  108. Melissa Lally says:

    Cape Town, South Africa to visit my daughter who is studying the local baboons. Those goodies would come in handy for the long flight! 😀

  109. Shelli A says:


  110. Christopher Jones says:

    Probably going to shoot for Scandinavia this year!

  111. GriffSaysSo says:

    Jamaica (mahn.. cuz you were all thinking it)

  112. Sara Rosen Berthe says:


  113. ASRansom says:

    Japan. ????????

  114. Ryan J Pandl says:


  115. Tash Pats says:


  116. Brookelle Bolf says:

    Costa Rica!

  117. Nicole Negron says:

    Amalfi Coast ????

  118. Barbara Vang says:

    Tokyo, Japan!

  119. Lindsey Matter says:

    I’d really love to go to Iceland, I want to drive around the country and see the sights!

  120. Dawn Erickson says:

    Africa (anywhere)

  121. Garrett Brooks says:

    Thanks to Thrifty Traveler, I will be visiting Italy this year!!!

  122. Atlmane says:

    I would love to visit Tokyo!

  123. Valerie Pate says:

    Tokyo, Japan!

  124. jocelyn says:

    Thanks to Thrifty Traveler Premium, I will be traveling to Italy this fall with 2 friends!

  125. Jared McGhin says:

    Fiji definitely!

  126. Ryan Mooney says:

    Johannesburg, South Africa!

  127. Dave R. Thong says:

    Hongkong is the my favorite destination.

  128. Tyler says:

    Going back to Amsterdam in June!!!! This would come in handy! 😉

  129. Tony Yang says:


  130. Jen Swanson says:

    Zurich, Switzerland

  131. Burgy says:

    Sydney, Australia. Never been. If I get to go, it means work is paying! 🙂

  132. Lena says:

    Paris, and lucky me, I get to go because I scored an amazing fare thanks to Thrifty Traveler! Thanks for saving me to much $$, TT!

  133. Ruben says:

    Barcelona, Madrid y Lisbon

  134. Dayna says:


  135. Briona says:

    Philippines ????????

  136. Elizabeth Koontz says:


  137. Doree says:

    London, England

  138. Charlotte says:

    The countryside of France

  139. John Wallace says:


  140. Sarah Armstrong says:


  141. Steven Stone says:

    Buenos Aires

  142. Elena Laftchiyska says:


  143. AnnieG says:

    Northern Sweden

  144. Erin Wessman says:

    St Maarten ????☀️

  145. Manuel G. Millan says:


  146. Rust says:

    The Provence area of France.

  147. Jo Clinton says:


  148. RB says:

    Paris, always

  149. Julie R says:


  150. Lyndsay says:


  151. Lisa Willis says:


  152. C Robinson says:


  153. Jennie Beth says:


  154. Jung Il Kang says:


  155. Chelsey says:


  156. Joe Lai says:


  157. Kathy Ashdown Novak says:


  158. tweetyscute says:

    I want to visit Costa RIca

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