[Giveaway] American Airlines “AirCal” Heritage Amenity Bag

 We have up for grabs an American Airlines “AirCal” Heritage Amenity bag from our last Business Class flight aboard American Airlines. There are nine heritage amenity kits which highlight all the airlines that have become American Airlines over the last 75 years. The one in this giveaway features Air California aka AirCal‘s colors. AirCal was merged into American in 1987. This felt case is also supposedly the same size as an iPad Mini, which would serve as a great travel case! I use our other case to store my phone and laptop charger.

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To enter, simply comment on this post and provide the following information:

  • What international destination do you most want to visit in the next year?


Terms & Conditions:

  1. We will choose an entry at random.
  2. One entry per person.
  3. No entries after 11:59PM EST on 4/19/16 will be accepted. The winner will be announced Wednesday morning 4/20/16.
  4. American Airlines does not sponsor this giveaway.


Try to collect them all!

Try to collect them all!


Good luck!


55 Responses

  1. Ronisha Parker says:

    I’ve been to over 18 countries, circled the entire world, crossed the equator, and still have not been to the UAE! Dubai is at the top of my list of international destinations in the next year, and I’m just waiting for the day another $200-500 mistake fare occurs since I thought the Emirates one a few years back was a joke. (I’m hopeful!)

  2. Phil Harder says:


  3. Mackenzie VanSickle says:

    New Zealand!

  4. Donna Callaway says:


  5. Jeff Zhang says:

    The UAE!

  6. Blair says:

    Sri Lanka

  7. Brett Allen says:

    New Zealand

  8. siouxsig says:

    Brazil for the Olympics!

  9. Trent Shrock says:


  10. Michaela Hoen says:

    Sydney, Australia!

  11. Andrea C says:


  12. Steph B says:

    Istanbul is on the bucket list!

  13. Lauren Mocol says:

    Greece! 🙂

  14. SoloTravelGoals says:

    Cool giveaway! I’m trying to make my way to Cuba!

  15. Phillip Nagano says:

    I would love to visit Cambodia or Vietnam

  16. Robert Cabassa says:


  17. Venkatesh Hegde says:

    Sweet swag. The destination that I’m most interested in – India!

  18. Nancy Corea Sherman says:

    Paris is always a good idea. I love Europe.

  19. Joshua Chang says:

    I want to go to Taipei to visit my relatives and eat all the food!

  20. Amanda Pendleton says:


  21. Harrison Brown says:

    New Zealand!

  22. Michelle Huynh says:


  23. Nan Sinchai says:


  24. Melanie Benton says:

    New Zealand!

  25. Adam Wolkoff says:


  26. Allison Koch says:


  27. Anjali says:

    Turks and Caicos!

  28. Cheerful Los Angeleno says:

    Santorini, Greece!

  29. Dani Anspach says:


  30. Cecilia Wang says:

    Maldives ????

  31. Jenny Kim says:

    I would love to visit Thailand in the next year! 🙂

  32. Patrick Burke says:

    Galapagos Islands

  33. Lan Freitag says:


  34. Linda Cho says:

    Hong Kong

  35. willronco says:


  36. Dani says:

    The place I want to touch the most next year is Chiang Mai & Phuket in Thailand then off to Bali, Indonesia. Not only is that on my wish list for 2017, I’m already making travel plans! Dont just wish for it – make it happen!

  37. wonderchimp5 says:


  38. Allywood says:

    Egypt! I am dying to see the Pyramids and go on the Nile River

  39. Rory Sullivan says:

    Costa Rica!

  40. Darlene says:

    I hope to visit Naples, Italy!

  41. Nickesha Sanders says:

    Athens, Greece

  42. Kun-Wei Chan says:


  43. soobydew says:


  44. Michael Martin says:


  45. Jorge F Vazquez-Vargas says:

    South Africa, the amenity bag
    looks awesome

  46. Dagon5 says:

    Shanghai, China

  47. Christina Vu says:

    I want to go to Korea!

  48. Van Ly says:

    New Zealand!!

  49. Annie Coriolan says:


  50. M L. says:

    An international destination I want to visit the most next year is Bali, Indonesia.

  51. SebastianCA says:


  52. Jmoodz says:

    Cape Town

  53. Jay Emm says:

    Can’t wait to make Morocco a reality next year!!

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