Get $10 off Your Next Uber Ride (MN, TX, CO, GA, PA, KY, OH, CA)

Update: These offers are disappearing fast! If your city’s offer has expired, let me know in the comments below.

This holiday season, Miller Lite is offering $10 off  Uber rides in select cities (listed below).  To qualify for this offer, simply enter the code (under the payment tab) for your city below, and complete your trip before 1/2/17. Make sure to apply the promo code ASAP as codes have already expired in NYC, Miami, and Houston.

Thrifty Tip: New to Uber? Sign up here and we’ll both receive $20 off our next ride.


Eligible Cities: (Try both LIGHT/LITE versions)

  • $10 off Minneapolis, MN promo code: LITEMSP16 (reports this is expired as of 10:30am CT)
  • $10 off Columbus, OH promo code: LITECOL16
  • $10 off Louisville, KY promo code: LITELOU16
  • $10 off Philadelphia, PA promo code: LITEPHL16
  • $10 off Atlanta, GA promo code: LIGHTATL16
  • $10 off Denver, CO promo code: LIGHTDEN16
  • $10 off Houston, TX promo code: LIGHTHTX2016
  • $10 of Dallas – Fort Worth, TX promo code: LITEDAL16
  • $10 of Pittsburg, CA promo code: LITEPIT16


After code is applied


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  1. Jj McKay says:

    Minneapolis sold out.

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