Gear Review: HooToo Wi-Fi Hotspot/USB Battery/File Hub

Today’s guest blog post is by Thrifty Al, who is our marketing genius here at Thrifty Traveler. I plan to have him chime in from time to time when there are things that Thrifty Traveler readers should know about. For his first post, I’ve asked him to do a quick review of his favorite piece of travel gear. 

The HooToo is a business traveler’s best friend – it ties three handy devices into one: router for turning an ethernet jack into a Wi-Fi hotspot, a 10,400mAh USB battery pack (charges phone 3-5 times) to keep your devices charged while away from outlets, and a file hub to wirelessly transfer files and stream content from USB hard drives or flash drives to your devices. It’s a great option for loading media to enjoy on a trip if your tablet or phone is short on space.

HooTooThrifty Tip 1: Use multipurpose items to cut back on weight and space in your luggage – the fewer things to leave behind or fill your bag, the better.


Thrifty Tip 2:  Perfect for hotels that do not have free Wi-Fi or conferences that don’t have free Wi-Fi.  Why pay for Wi-Fi if you don’t need to?

Thrifty Tip 3: See our Travel Gear site for the Thrifty Traveler’s must have gear and gadgets we don’t travel without.


Thrifty Al, Guest Blogger


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