You Missed $400 Flights to Europe from Almost Every U.S. Airport


Ready to stop overpaying for international flights? From the big airports like Los Angeles (LAX) to the tiny ones like Lincoln, Nebraska (LNK), we found cheap flights from almost every single U.S. airport in the last month that will blow your mind.

We search for flight deals all day, every day, and somehow … flights still keep getting cheaper. This month, we were shocked by $500 fares to Africa, half-off fares to New Zealand, and American Airlines flash sales to Hawaii from 24,000 points and Australia from 10,000 miles (yes, that’s roundtrip!) 

Many of these international flight deals are already gone. But if you don’t want to miss out on the next ones we find, try Thrifty Traveler Premium free for 14 days (and then just $45 per year) to get in on this flight deal madness.

But what’s most exciting about the deals this last month are the sheer number of flight deals from every U.S. airport, including small regional airports. Here’s a taste of just how cheap things have gotten for international flights based on the 100+ deals we found in the past month. Which of these deals has you ready to pack your bags?


100+ U.S. cities to Europe from $241

Do you live in a smaller city, far from the major hub airports? Prefer to beat the traffic and fly out of a regional airport? Yes, we find flight deals for you!

We find flight deals from over 100 U.S. airports, likely including yours. It’s not just the big cities that benefit from flight deals – we’ve seen airfare from even small U.S. cities dropping, too.

Just when we thought flights to Europe were as cheap as they could be, the deals keep coming! And the best part is these deals were live from almost every single U.S. airport. When these nationwide deals to 30-plus cities were available, you could fly roundtrip from:

  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Paris for $488
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado to Barcelona for $458
  • Duluth, Minnesota to Amsterdam for $488
  • Fargo, North Dakota to Madrid for $489
  • Phoenix, Arizona to the Spanish islands for $454
  • Rochester, Minnesota to Paris for $463
  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Rome for $457
  • Wichita to Paris for $462
  • and 100+ other departure cities!


flight deals of the month


That’s right: you could get to Europe roundtrip (and with just one stop each way) from almost every U.S. airport for under $500. Now, that’s a flight deal we love to see! These nationwide deals to Europe we found also included availability this Thanksgiving, and next summer.


Delta Flash Sale to Paris from 20,000 SkyMiles

Have some Delta SkyMiles to use? We found fares to Paris from as low as 20k SkyMiles roundtrip! You could fly to Paris less than 40k SkyMiles:

  • Bismarck for 36k
  • Denver for 36k
  • Fort Lauderdale for 20k
  • Hibbing for 38k
  • International Falls for 38k
  • Lincoln for 36k
  • Milwaukee for 38k
  • Omaha for 36k
  • Portland for 36k
  • Santa Ana for 28k
  • Tampa for 24k
  • Williston for 38k
  • and over 100+ more departure city options!




This is an insane value! Use your SkyMiles smarter by booking one of the unadvertised SkyMiles flash sales we find.


Flights to Asia from 90+ Cities from $312

While we found over 100 flight deals in the past month, we just can’t get over the value in some of these nationwide flash sales. One of our favorites was a deal from over 90 U.S. airports to Beijing and Shanghai from as low as $312 roundtrip. If visiting Asia is on your bucket list, this is one of the cheapest ways to get there!

Flights to Beijing and Shanghai usually cost well over $1,000 but we found flights from:

  • Anchorage for $448
  • Billings for $448
  • Bozeman for $484
  • Kansas City for $500
  • Las Vegas for $379
  • Philadelphia for $383
  • Pittsburgh for $386
  • St. Louis for $450
  • and much more!




You could cross China off your bucket list for less than it costs to get to New York or Seattle from most of these cities. That’s madness!


100+ U.S. Cities Got Half-Off Fares to Tahiti

Don’t think the perfect flight deal to paradise exists? Think again! Premium subscribers all over the country got a chance to cross Tahiti off their ultimate bucket list this past month with this insane flight deal.

Flights to Tahiti are often more than $1,500 roundtrip and may have ugly long layovers. We found an insane nationwide flash sale to Tahiti for half off normal airfare, and with only one quick connection on flights! That’s a dream come true. Over 100 U.S. cities could fly to Tahiti for under $1,000, including Bozeman, Charleston, Duluth, Green Bay, Jamestown, Louisville, Ontario, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Santa Barbara, South Bend, and Wilmington. You could even fly nonstop from San Francisco for $600!




If you don’t think you can get to your bucket list destination from your city, we have news for you! Anything is possible with the right flight deal.


100+ Cities to Hawaii from 24,000 AAdvantage Miles

We saved the best for last! When American Airlines began using dynamic award pricing and offering Economy Web Specials, it was a gamechanger. They even sold flights to New Zealand and Australia for 10,000 AAdvantage Miles for a few hours until the pandemonium crashed their website!

Thrifty Traveler Premium members benefitted from this flight deal madness when we found a secret sale to Hawaii from almost every U.S. airport. You could have flown to any of the Hawaiian islands for 24,000 AAdvantage miles roundtrip from Albany, Buffalo, Chicago, Dayton, El Paso, Fargo, Fresno, Greensboro, Memphis, Minneapolis, Reno, Santa Fe, Syracuse, Tulsa, and nearly 100 other U.S. cities.




All departure cities were created equal on this flash sale: no matter where you were flying from, it was only 24k roundtrip!


…and much more.

We found 100+ international flight deals this past month alone, and we’re busy finding the best deals of November now! Here’s a look at some of the other flight deals we found this past month:

  • West Coast to Auckland, New Zealand from $628 (PEAK SUMMER – Was: $1200)
  • 7 cities to Chiang Mai, Thailand from $586 (5-star airlines – Was: $1000)
  • Minneapolis to St. Thomas, USVI for $374 (inc’l NYE – Was: $550)
  • 30+ cities to Bermuda from $321 (inc’l nonstop – Was: $550)
  • Chicago to Bali, Indonesia for $672 (#1 airline – Was: $1100)
  • [BIZ CLASS] NYC to Dublin, Ireland for $1403 (XMAS & NYE – Was: $4000)
  • 15 cities to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from $246 (inc’l nonstop – Was: $550)
  • 30+ cities to Nairobi, Kenya from $556 (inc’l peak summer – Was: $1400)
  • 8 cities to Tokyo, Japan from $473 (inc’l peak summer – Was: $1050)
  • 35+ cities to Marrakesh, Morocco from $561 (Delta – Was: $1050)
  • [NONSTOP] NYC to Athens & Milan from $414 (Emirates – Was: $900)
  • 7 cities to Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from $572 (5-star airlines – Was: $975)
  • [BIZ CLASS] 15 cities to Mexico from $477 (inc’l Thanksgiving – Was: $1000)
  • Boston to Johannesburg, South Africa for $640 (inc’l peak summer – Was: $1250)
  • 35+ cities to Costa Rica from $222 (inc’l nonstop – Was: $550)
  • NYC to Santiago, Chile for $603 (inc’l peak summer – Was: $1000)
  • [NONSTOP] 7 cities to Reykjavik, Iceland from $302 (Icelandair – Was: $650)
  • JFK & LAX to Buenos Aires, Argentina from $480 (inc’l peak summer – Was: $1200)
  • [BIZ CLASS] Delta Flash Sale to Europe from 80k SkyMiles one-way (PEAK SUMMER)
  • 7 cities to Johannesburg, South Africa from $638 (inc’l peak summer – Was: $1150)
  • 10 cities to Bangkok, Thailand from $350 (inc’l Thanksgiving – Was: $975)
  • Delta SkyMiles Flash Sale to London, England from 14k R/T (inc’l nonstop – Was: 60k+ or $850)
  • 60+ cities to Calgary, Alberta from $167 (inc’l nonstop – Was: $550
  • 50+ cities to Havana, Cuba from $204 (inc’l nonstop – Was: $500)
  • Delta SkyMiles Flash Sale to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic from 11k R/T (Was: 45k+ or $650)
  • 50+ cities to San Juan, Puerto Rico from $167 (inc’l nonstop – Was: $500)


Bottom Line

If you don’t think flight deals exist from your hometown, think again! We found multiple nationwide deals from almost every single U.S. airport this past month. It’s time to cross that bucket list destination off your list, for less!

All of these deals were discovered by our team and sent out to Premium subscribers. If you’re looking for up to 90% off airfare, sign up for Thrifty Traveler Premium and get instant notification of the international flight deals we find.


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