First Look at Emirates New 777 First Class Suite

Emirates unveiled their new First Class Suites aboard their Boeing 777-300ER aircraft this weekend at the Dubai Air Show. The beautiful new suites feature floor to ceiling sliding doors, which offer 40 square feet of personal space each.


Full enclosed private suites


The full-enclosed suites will be laid out in a 1-1-1 configuration, which should be a nice upgrade from the current 1-2-1 configuration. Private suites in the middle of the cabin have virtual windows which project the view from outside the aircraft, using real time camera technology. I’m really interested to see how this feature works.


Full lay flat bed


Created in collaboration with Boeing, Rockwell Collins interior systems, Panasonic, Jacques Pierre Jean Design studio and Seattle-based design firm Teague, each fully enclosed private suite has a floor to ceiling sliding door, and combines smart technologies and intelligent design to deliver function, as well as luxury and comfort.


First Class dining


A new feature is the ability to communicate with the cabin crew, or request for room service using the video call function. The suites also come with a service window where customers can be served drinks and snacks undisturbed. You also get binoculars pictured above. This is an absolutely unnecessary but fun new feature.


The Ghaf Tree motif


New Features:
  • 6 luxurious private suites with floor to ceiling doors, set in a 1-1-1 configuration
  • Each roomy suite offers up to 40 square feet of thoughtfully designed privacy. The space enables a customer to comfortably change within the privacy of the suite
  • The electrically-operated leg rest, backrest, headrest, armrest, seat frame, leg rest extension and seat pan extension enable the seat to convert to a “zero gravity” seat setting inspired by NASA technology.
  • Private suites in the middle row have virtual windows, allowing customers to admire the view regardless of which suite they are in.
  • Personal mini bar featuring refreshing snacks and drinks
  • Video call feature, allows customers to order room service from the comfort of their suite
  • 32 inch FULL HD LCD screen linked to Emirates’ award-winning ice inflight entertainment (IFE) system. The next generation of IFE screens offer improved and superior image quality with ultra-wide viewing angles, touch screen and LED backlight
  • 13 inch touch screen wireless seat controls for Emirates’ ice inflight entertainment system, and seat functions
  • Each suite is fitted with chandelier-style lights
  • 10 ambient mood lighting settings with 7 different colour schemes that customers can control in their suite
  • Temperature control within each private suite


The first routes to have the new aircraft will be Dubai to Brussels and Geneva on December 1, 2017. Don’t expect to see too many of these fancy new suites in service over the next few years as Emirates only plans to order 10 of the new aircraft. There is no current timeline to retrofit existing 777’s or A380’s. It’s also important to note that the 777 does not feature on-board showers or the enjoyable on-board bar. We’ll have to wait awhile before new A380’s roll of the line with the new fully enclosed suite, which feature the bar as well as the showers.


Bottom Line 

The new suites are incredible but they just don’t look as spacious as the new Singapore First Class Suites, but I’ll reserve final judgement until I can get onboard. You will be able to book the new Emirates suites with Alaska miles or a transfer of Amex Membership Rewards to Emirates Skywards, and we’ll cover this topic in a future post. Until then, you can book the new route for around $5,000 one-way. Mrs. TT and I flew Emirates First Class a few years back and we’re flying again with Alaska miles in 2018. Sadly we won’t flying to Brussels or Geneva, so we’ll have to wait to fly the new suite.


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