Fed Gov Rejects Minnesota extension for REAL ID

Fed Gov Rejects Minnesota extension for REAL ID

Dear lord Minnesota, get it together!  The Federal Government has rejected the State of Minnesota’s appeal for an extension of the REAL ID requirements. If you’re a Minnesota resident you’ve probably heard that in 2016 the Federal Government is requiring your MN Driver’s License to meet the new Federal REAL ID standards. Without it you won’t be able to pass through airport security or get into several Federal Government buildings. If the State of Minnesota doesn’t repeal the 2009 law, rejecting the REAL ID standards, you’ll soon be required to have a US Passport to get through airport security, even for domestic flights.

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REAL ID Thrifty Traveler
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What we know:

  • The Federal Government will give 120 days notice before requiring the new REAL ID standards.
  • The Governor can call a special legislative session to repeal the 2009 law rejecting the REAL ID standards.
  • The next scheduled legislative session is March ’16 if a special session is not called.
  • After the 2009 law repeal, it is likely the State would apply for another extension.


Bottom Line

At some point in 2016 the Federal Government will start the 120 day countdown and force Minnesota, New Mexico, and Washington to implement the new REAL ID standards. Will this happen? Yes, but likely not until later in the year. Those states better get their act together or there will be pandemonium at the airport. The struggle is real, folks.


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