Euro Hits 20 Month Low

Political instability in Europe continues to have a detrimental impact on the value of the Euro. While this is generally bad news for countries in the Eurozone, it means us Americans can buy more for our dollar. I like to geek out with graphs and the one below shows you just how far the Euro has devalued against the dollar in the last five years.

The US dollar is strong and flights are cheaper than I can ever remember. Don’t forget, there are plenty of other countries which are just as cheap. The emergence of Airbnb also makes travel even more affordable. Don’t think that that current prices of $350-450 for a flight to Europe is normal. I promise you it’s not. Prices last year at this time were hovering around $600-700. So stop dallying and book your ticket already!


Euro to US Dollar

Euro to US Dollar


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  1. Amber says:

    Going to Europe in March/April, is there anywhere in the Twin Cities you’d recommend for ordering currency NOW while it’s low??

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