Earn Bonus Points When You Use UberEATS For Food Delivery

It is no secret that Mr. TT and I are huge fans of Uber. It has changed the way in which both of us get around in Minneapolis, and also how we get from point A to point B during our travels. It is so easy to use and extremely cost-effective. Back in November, Uber’s food delivery service UberEATS launched in Minneapolis and I was excited to give it a try for a multitude of reasons. Earning additional points & miles being one of them.


What Is UberEATS?

According to their website, UberEATS is their new food delivery platform that makes getting great food from your favorite local restaurants as easy as requesting a ride. UberEATS relies on the same network of drivers to deliver food from local restaurants as they do from the network of drivers available to deliver rides. The service helps fill the void during the middle of the day when fewer people are requesting rides and provides the company with an additional revenue stream. The service essentially allows you to get food delivery from a number of local restaurants that would not otherwise offer it.


What Cities is UberEATS in?

As of writing this article, UberEATS is available in the following cities in North America. However, the service is also available in select cities on four other continents (Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa).


North American Cities offering UberEATS service


What’s The Points & Miles Angle?

When I saw that UberEATS was coming to Minneapolis, I was excited to try it because of how Uber codes with normal transactions from the ride service on my credit card statement. Because I am a Chase Sapphire Reserve card holder, I earn 3X Chase Ultimate Rewards (URs) Points per dollar spent on travel & dining. Uber is a merchant that codes as travel, so effectively, I earn 3x Chase URs per dollar spent on rides with Uber. Another great thing about Uber rides is the ability to earn Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) points when you link your SPG and Uber accounts. All you have to do is link your accounts and you will earn 1 SPG point per dollar spent on a ride with Uber (Yes it is that easy)! I wanted to see what would happen if I ordered food delivery using UberEATS. Would it code as a standard transaction from Uber, which would effectively earn me 3X Chase UR points and 1 SPG point per dollar on the same transaction?

After a long day, my wife Abbey and I decided to give the service a try as cooking was just not in the cards. After firing up the app on my phone, we were excited to see that one of our favorite Thai restaurants in Minneapolis was a part of the UberEATS service. I paid for the transaction using my Chase Sapphire Reserve card, and as you can see below from my card statement, the transaction coded as travel which allowed me to earn 3X points on my card.

Thrifty Tip #1: Because the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card offers a $300 annual travel credit for any charge coding as travel, I would have received a statement credit for $29.67 if I had not already used the entire $300 credit for 2016.


Earning 3X Chase UR Points On Delicious Thai Food


Further yet, because this order showed up as just a simple transaction from Uber, I also earned 30 SPG points for the same transaction because of my accounts being linked through their joint promotion mentioned above.


Earning SPG Points For Eating Thai Food


Bottom Line

While this isn’t earth-shattering, it is an easy way to earn points & miles for ordering food delivery. Many of the other food delivery services (Amazon, Postmates, etc.) do not code as travel or dining and thus do not provide bonus points for the transactions. I ended up earning 119 (89 Chase UR and 30 SPG points) of the most valuable points & miles currencies, which can be used to book Mr. TT’s flight deals, for spending $29.67 on dinner for two. Interested in trying UberEATS? Sign Up using this link and enter Promo code eats-fsl8i in the promotions section of the app and we will both receive $10 off our next order.


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