Delta Systemwide IT Outage (just forced to deplane at MSP)

Update Jan 30th @ 8am: My flight was automatically rebooked for this afternoon, but it’s already delayed. Off to a great start!

Update Jan 29th @ 11pm: My flight was just cancelled. The systems are slowly coming up but there are no crews to fly. I should be rebooked automatically for a new flight tomorrow but the site and app are still down. Delta couldn’t even give out vouchers for hotels. Luckily I never left home! What an adventure 🙂


Tonight I had planned to fly from Minneapolis (MSP) to New York (LGA) and we boarded on-time at 5pm CT. Just as we were about to taxi from the gate, (at 5:40PM) the pilot came on and said there was a slight computer issue. We waited for a little over an hour and the pilot announced that we would have to deplane as other Delta aircraft needed to use the gate. The pilots had no idea where they were even going to put the plane as the systems are completely down.

Everyone is now waiting at the gate and the gate agents are stressed out. People have their checked bags on the aircraft and it’s stuck on the tarmac. The computers do not work, heck even the Delta website and app are down. If you remember back in August, the Delta systems went down and resulted in widespread cancellations for several days.

Even when the systems come up later today (hopefully), there will be a quite a mess to sort out. Stay tuned, it looks like I’ll be posted up at the gate here at MSP for awhile longer!


Waiting for more info after being told to deboard


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