Delta offers $200 voucher and 10k SkyMiles for last weekend’s delays

Yesterday, I received an email from Delta notifying me they will be depositing 10,000 SkyMiles as well as a $200 voucher into my account in the coming days.

The system wide IT outage on Sunday, delayed me a full 24 hours for my trip to New York. After my Sunday night cancellation, I was re-booked for Monday afternoon and ultimately was delayed another 1.5 hours on that flight.

Overall, I’m pleased with the compensation, but I probably would have expected more if I wasn’t at my home airport. Luckily, all Mrs. TT had to do was come and pick me up at the airport Sunday night. I imagine this was a nightmare for many of you who were on vacation or on the road for business.

Did anyone who was not a Delta medallion member receive the same compensation? How do you feel about the compensation? Let me know in the comments!



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3 Responses

  1. jasontbuck says:

    I’m based at MSP and was flying home from MCI on Sunday when the outage happened. I’m a Medallion Member and received the same compensation as you did. I ended up getting out of MCI Sunday night, just 6 hours later than scheduled. I was expecting a bit more on the voucher side, $250 or so, the FF miles are what I expected.

    • Glad to hear you got out of MCI after not too bad of a delay. You probably lucked out as you were in a smaller airport, with a MSP based crew.

      The $200 voucher is the same they offered back in August, so no surprises there. Shareholders probably won’t be fans of much larger than that. Those voucher expenses add up quick when it’s system wide!

  2. Shooney Bug says:

    Do either of you, or anyone, want to sell their voucher to me?

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