Delta flights to Europe for 21,000 SkyMiles (43,500 First Class) – Expires Saturday

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Just a reminder that the last day to book the Delta sale for fall/winter SkyMiles redemption flights to Europe is Friday! This is an incredible deal for nonstop fares as low as 21,000 SkyMiles. Book before Saturday!


All SkyMiles program members are eligible to fly to Europe for as low as 21,000 SkyMiles one-way in coach or 43,500 in First Class! Delta flights to Europe for 21,000 SkyMiles is the lowest I have seen in years! Book by August 21st.

From my research you can find flights from almost any airport with Delta service to Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Paris and Zurich. You can go from rural airport like Grand Forks, ND to to Zurich, Switzerland for only 21,000 SkyMiles one-way!

To find other thrifty flights, other than the cities mentioned above, Delta must have direct flights from your city to the European destination. For example, I fly out of Minneapolis so our direct European destinations are Amsterdam, London, and Paris. If you live in Atlanta or NYC you will have a substantial amount of European destinations to choose from. It really depends on your location so try searching different European cities.

I recently covered how one-way Delta SkyMiles redemptions are the sweet spot as far as SkyMiles are concerned. This sale makes those SkyMiles redemptions even cheaper. I spoke with reader Nick S. today and he already booked a first class redemption from MSP to AMS this December for only 43,500 SkyMiles. The flight normally costs $3400 one-way so this is an incredible value for the points. I know Mrs. TT and I are trying to see how we can best maximize our SkyMiles with the sale. Hopefully, this is the first of many sales from Delta!

Thrifty Tip: Business class awards at 43,500 are the best use of SkyMiles and provide the best value.  This is also the least amount of points to ride First Class of any airline program!


Direct one-way flight in Coach (Minneapolis to Amsterdam)

Delta Thrifty Traveler


Round-trip Flight in Coach (Minneapolis to Amsterdam)

Delta Thrifty Traveler


Direct one-way Business Class (Minneapolis to London)

Delta Thrifty Traveler


Round-trip Business Class (Minneapolis to Paris)

Delta Thrifty Traveler



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4 Responses

  1. NapsterDawson says:

    Hello – Do you think delta will extend this sale? ugh, Im so mad I didn’t book anything for a December vacation, but I have to wait till this Monday to hear back on some info that would decided if I can travel during the holidays – In hindsight, I probably should have just booked it and cancelled if I need to change, but really just wanted to wait the extra 48hours to get the final say – thanks for any info/help

    • I’m afraid the sale is over and I haven’t heard about any extensions. The only thing I can recommend is keep checking back here as I’ll be sure to list any future Delta sales as I live in a Delta hub. Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll be able to find another deal!

      • NapsterDawson says:

        I appreciate the response – I am based out of DTW – thanks for info – Surprisingly, I was seeing r/t fares for $1,100ish. (so I dont mind spending that on myself and earning some MQM’s) but then I also need 4 more tickets (I rather spend my sky miles for the rest of the fam)

        • I like free too 🙂

          Seems to be that many times MSP has a Delta flight deal DTW/ATL/JFK does as well. I’ll keep a watchful eye and include Detroit in the headline.

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