Which Delta Aircraft Have High-Speed WiFi?

If you’ve used on-board Gogo WiFi internet access, then you’ll know connectivity and speed can be downright terrible. Thankfully, Delta has been rolling out Gogo 2KU, which features increased speeds of up to 15+ Mbps (comparable to home broadband). Gogo 2KU also features continuous connectivity from pushback to park. I’ve tested 2KU and it’s a significant upgrade from the old system.


Which Aircraft have Gogo 2KU?

If you are flexible with your travel times, try to book a flight on an Airbus A319 or Boeing 737-800. These aircraft have Gogo 2KU installed across 98-99% of the fleet. Your next best bet is Boeing 737-900, which has 21% of the fleet upgraded to 2KU. You’ll know you’re on a 2KU aircraft by the little blue signs near the front galley that say “High-Speed Wi-Fi & Delta Studio on Demand”.



My Testing

I tested out the service out on a Boeing 737-800 flight from MSP – JFK earlier this year. Speeds were around 12 Mbps which is significantly faster than the 1-3Mbps I was able to pull down with normal Gogo internet. Speeds were relatively consistent throughout the flight.


Speed test of Gogo 2ku


Bottom Line 

High-speed connectivity is a necessity in our highly connected world. It’s great to see Delta rolling out Gogo 2KU across their fleet. Make sure to book a flight aboard a Delta A319 or 737-800, to maximize your chances of flying with 2KU.


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