Coronavirus FAQs: All Your Coronavirus and Travel Questions Answered

Coronavirus FAQs: All Your Coronavirus and Travel Questions Answered

Feel like the travel news is changing so quickly, you can hardly keep up? We know the feeling.

With travel news and airline and other travel company policies evolving rapidly, it’s more important than ever to have a place to turn for answers. We’ve brought all the travel news we’ve covered over the last several weeks here, so you can easily find the answers you’re looking for.


How Can I Stay Up-to-Date?


Can I Cancel My Flight Due to Coronavirus?


What If I Booked with an OTA Like Expedia or Kayak?


What If I Booked a Flight with Miles?

What If I Want a Refund, Not a Voucher?


What Are Airlines Doing?





What’s Happening with My Airline Status?


How Are Hotels Handling This?


What About Planning Travel for the Future?


How Does This Affect My Credit Cards?


Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking for help getting a refund instead of an airline voucher, or worried about the status of your hotel status, we’re here to help. We hope these resources help you navigate these challenging times.

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