Chase Ultimate Rewards Transfer Limits Coming Nov 15th!

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Update: 11/28/15 – You can still transfer Ultimate Rewards to another Ultimate Rewards account as long as they are in the same household. Make sure both accounts have the same address when you make the transfer and you should be good to go!

If you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Ink Business card you most likely received an email from Chase today notifying you of new Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer limits. In short, you no longer can transfer Ultimate Rewards points to other individual’s airline/hotel loyalty programs, unless they are an authorized user on your credit card.


From Chase’s Email:

Here are a few things you need to know:

  • Starting November 15th, when you transfer points to participating frequent travel programs, you can only transfer points to yourself or an owner of the company who is listed as an authorized user on your card account. 
  • If you previously saved your frequent travel program numbers on Chase Ultimate Rewards, you will need to re-enter them. 
  • Please make sure the name on your Chase account matches the name on your frequent travel program accounts.


Previously, Chase allowed cardholders to transfer Ultimate Rewards points to anyone’s airline or hotel account as long as that person was your spouse or business partner. For example, I routinely transferred points from Mrs. TT’s Ultimate Rewards account to my Southwest mileage account. In reality, you could transfer points to anyone but you risked getting in trouble with Chase, which only occurred if you really abused the system.

With the new rules you will only be able to transfer Ultimate Rewards to your own airline/hotel loyalty programs or those of an authorized user of the account. An authorized user is someone who has a Chase credit card issued under your own account. Many times Chase will offer 5k extra Ultimate Rewards to add an authorized user. Adding an authorized user does not prohibit that person from having their own chase card of the same variety, and earn the bonus.


Things to Consider before Nov 15th

I’d recommend transferring any points from unauthorized users before Nov 15th. My Southwest account was low so I topped it off with points in Mrs. TT’s Ultimate Rewards account. She isn’t yet an authorized user on my Chase Sapphire Preferred card so she will lose the ability to transfer to me on Nov 15th.


Don’t worry Ultimate Rewards transfer partners remain the same! 

Chase Ultimate Rewards


Bottom Line

If you have a spouse or friend who is not an authorized user on your Ultimate Rewards account you won’t be able to receive any Ultimate Rewards points transfers from them effective November 15th. Make any transfers now!



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2 Responses

  1. John C. Sandstrom says:

    Can Amex premier rewards be transferred to a spouses loyalty account like chase ultimate rewards?

    • Great question John! You can’t transfer Amex Membership Rewards directly to your spouse, but you can transfer your points to an authorized user’s frequent flyer account. You could authorize your spouse as an authorized user. Nice little loophole.

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