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Why You Need to Travel to Mexico City

Nearly 9 million people live in Mexico City, and it feels like there are just as many things to do, see, eat, and drink in Mexico’s capital city. You could spend weeks exploring Mexico City, the largest city North America,...


Thrifty Traveler’s Guide to Paros, Greece

  If you’ve been searching for the perfect Greek island with that classic whitewashed Cycladic architecture, secluded sandy beaches, and fresh seafood for days, you’re looking for Paros.  And there’s a bonus: It’s half the price of Santorini, with a...

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Thrifty Traveler’s Guide to Crete, Greece

  Crete is Greek’s largest island, dwarfing the likes of Santorini and Mykonos way out in the Mediterranean Sea. And that just means it has plenty to offer any traveler. There’s the food, beaches, mountains, and hiking that have put...