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The Top 9 Foods and Treats You Need to Eat in Oaxaca

  You could spend months diving into the flavors and foods of Oaxaca and still only scratch the surface. From the amazing chocolate that Oaxaca is known for (and the delectable mole sauces it goes in) to its signature drink,...


Don’t Miss Oaxaca, Mexico’s Up-and-Coming Hot Spot

  Beach? Who needs a beach when there’s this much culture, food, history, and color? Oaxaca City, (pronounced wah-ha-ka), may not be on the ocean, but it should still be at the top of your list. Located in a state...


Why You Need to Visit Muscat, Oman

  Maybe you haven’t heard of Oman, let alone considered visiting its capital city of Muscat. We don’t blame you – it’s not exactly a tourist hotspot. But there’s something baked into the DNA of this Middle Eastern city that...


Trip Introduction: Flying Around the World in 6 Days

  Booking any trip using points and miles is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Between using the right points, finding award availability, and securing positioning flights, there are lots of frustrating factors to consider to pull it off. But...


Berchtesgaden, Germany: More Than Just a Day Trip

  Berchtesgaden is a quaint, quiet pocket of southeastern Germany, and it’s one of our favorite places. With beautiful mountains, lakes, picturesque nearby towns, beer gardens, and what’s not to love? A home base for the Nazi’s during World War II,...