Argentina Waives $160 Reciprocity Fee For US Citizens

Photo: Patagonia by Douglas Scortegagna via Flickr, used under Creative Commons License


On March 24th, Argentina announced that for 90 days, they will waive the $160 reciprocity fee for US Citizens entering Argentina. The United States has been working to allow Argentinians into the US Visa Waiver program, which allows citizens of participating countries to stay in the US for 90 days for less without a visa. In turn, the Argentine government suspended the $160 reciprocity charge for US Citizens to enter Argentina.


$160 Reciprocity Fee

President Obama meeting with recently elected Argentine President Maruicio Marcri.


This is great news for US Citizens as no fee or visa is now required to visit Argentina. This is similar to the visa waiver that Brazil is offering for the Olympics this summer in Rio. Both Argentina and Brazil are on our list of cheapest places to visit in 2016. In the last two years, the value of the dollar has more than doubled in comparison to the Argentine peso. These were already cheap places to travel to and now they’re a real bargain!


Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a cheap ticket to Argentina we recommend flying into Buenos Aires, Argentina. Flights can be found for only $572 through June! Although the reciprocity fee waiver is only good for the next 90 days, it is expected it will be extended indefinitely. South America is incredibly inexpensive right now, and well worth a look for your next trip. Another bonus of traveling to Argentina is there is no jet lag as the time zone is only an hour ahead of eastern time!


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