Amex Platinum Uber Credits Now Apply Automatically to Rides

Amex Uber Credit

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Among the many worthwhile benefits on the Platinum Card from American Express, you get $200 in free Uber rides each year.

These credits are doled out in $15 monthly credits, with a bonus total of $35 for the month of December. Just link the Platinum card to your Uber account in the app, and these monthly credits will get added at the start of each month – use them or lose them.

And now, those credits are getting much easier to use. One Mile at a Time reports that as of September 2019, the Amex Platinum’s Uber credits will automatically apply to your Uber rides.


amex uber credits


In the past, you’d have to actually select to pay with your “Uber Cash” balance in order to use those credits. While not the most cumbersome process, it meant some users would take Uber rides thinking their credit would kick in, only to find they’d pay full price.

This is a nice change. And by the sounds of it, you can still choose a different payment method if you want to save your Uber credit for a future ride.

Just remember to use those Uber credits up each month, as any unused dollars don’t rollover. And remember you can use these credits toward Uber Eats!


Bottom Line

Between Uber and the increasingly restrictive airline fee credits, American Express hasn’t made some of these benefits the easiest to use. And considering the card’s $550 annual fee, using up all those credits is essential.

It’s nice to see Amex go the other way and make it a tad easier.


amex uber credits


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