$50 Off $100 at Airbnb, Lock in Discount with Gift Cards! (Amex Offers)

Update: This offer is expired! 

American Express has a great new cardholder offer for $50 off $100 at Airbnb! To get the $50 off $100 at Airbnb, simply log into your American Express account and scroll down near the bottom of the screen and there should be a box called Amex Offers & Benefits. You will have different offers for each Amex card so go scroll through your various cards to check your offers. If you’re lucky there will be a $50 off $100 at Airbnb coupon. The coupon can be used for booking Airbnb stays or purchasing Airbnb gift cards.

Thrifty Tip: The great thing is you can either book an Airbnb stay or purchasing a $100 Airbnb gift card! (See Step #3)

Thrifty Tip #2: Even if you don’t find the offer you can add it through Twitter and it literally only takes a minute. (See Step #5)

Thrifty Tip #3: If you haven’t signed up for Airbnb yet use my link and you’ll get $20 more off your first booking!


Step 1

Select “Add to Card” in your American Express Amex Offers & Benefits section near the bottom of the page. You will see multiple offers listed. If you don’t see the offer listed go to Step #5 to add through Twitter.



Step 2

To confirm the offer has been added click on “Added to Card” and you should see it listed

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 1.10.58 PM


Step 3

Book an Airbnb stay or purchase a $100 Airbnb gift card. You can’t use a gift card that was sent from your own Airbnb account. I would recommend using a significant other’s account to send a gift card to you. Alternatively, you can create a dummy account and send the gift card to your primary account. I sent a $100 gift card from Mrs. TT’s Airbnb account to my own. You can only apply one gift card to your account. So don’t try buying four gift cards, it won’t work.  To send a gift card start here

Thrifty Tip #3: You can’t use a gift card sent from your own account. Use a significant other’s account or a dummy account to send it to your primary account.

Thrifty Tip #4: You can only apply one gift card to your account. Don’t purchase more than one if you have multiple amex offers.


Step 4

Once you apply the gift card you should see $100 in your Airbnb balance. The gift card will automatically be applied when you book your next trip. You should expect reimbursement in your American Express account in 3-6 days.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 2.58.29 PM


Step 5

If you can’t find any offers in your American Express account you can add it manually through Twitter:

  1. Use the following link to connect your Amex to Twitter
  2. Tweet #amexairbnb. Wait for confirmation.
  3. The offer should now be “Added to Card” under your Amex Offers & Benefits on your main Amex login page
  4. Unsync card with the following link
  5. Repeat steps for any other amex cards.


Bottom Line

This is an easy way to get $50 off $100 at Airbnb. I highly recommend Airbnb if you plan to stay with a large group or if you’re staying in one location for more than five days. It’s a great way to save money over a hotel, and  you can also experience the local culture as I did in Havana, Cuba earlier this year. Again, if you haven’t yet signed up for Airbnb use our link to get $20 off your first booking. This can be stacked with the $50 off $100 Amex offer, so that’s $70 off your booking!


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