Buy $50 Amazon Gift Card get $10 Free (20% cashback)

Update 10pm CST: Appears this deal has expired!

Today is the day Amazon tries to make up for their Amazon Prime day flop last July. It seems like they’ve been getting off to a solid start. One of our favorite deals this morning is the free $10 promo credit you receive when you purchase a $50 Amazon Gift card. Use promo code GCPrime16 at checkout. The only catch is you must have Amazon Prime to qualify for the promo. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, here is a link for a free 30 day trial.

This an easy way to earn 20% cashback! We recommend emailing the $50 eGift card to yourself. You’ll receive a code by email for the $50 and the $10 promo. Simply add the codes to your Amazon account and the next purchase you make will be deducted from the gift cards!


amazon prime

How to Buy:

  1. Go to Amazon
  2. Add the $50 eGift Card to your cart
  3. Use Promo Code GCPrime16
  4. Finalize payment and wait for the codes via email (could take up to two days for the $10 promo)


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